We don’t just make engaging content,
our platform produces advanced metrics and reporting.


An easy-to-use, simple dashboard that doesn’t compromise on data – download your reports straight to CSV with the latest stats on your event.

Advanced Metrics

Track custom registration data; who attends, for how long and what they click. Detailed data on your leads and customers, ready for your CRM.

Enterprise Features

Our platform isn’t light on features – live Q&A, polling, IP restrictions, white-listing and attendee blocking – all backed up with multi-bit rate streaming across all devices.

Powered by CDN

Our platform is powered by one of the world’s largest content delivery networks – no more slow loading videos or pages – let us help speed up your content!

A typical event

Registration Page

Standard and custom registration data, all captured into a useful report.

Confirmation Email

Within minutes of registering, we send a confirmation email containing a handy calendar file, so registrants don’t miss your event.

Reminder Emails

24 hours, 1 hour and 15 minutes before your event to drive up attendance.

Live event

Streamed in multiple bitrates across all devices with live attendee questions and polling.


Automatically created within 24 hours so your attendees can re-live the event. A great additional marketing asset.

Reporting Dashboard

All your reports, in one simple to use interface. Event done – time to use those leads in your own CRM or marketing tool.

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