?We're the bespoke webcast, webinar and video production agency trusted by global brands.

Here’s the top 5 reasons to choose streamGo:

Experienced Expert Team

Our team are experts in producing online events and video production. You’ll have a dedicated contact that manages the entire process from commercials to live production. This means there’s always someone trusted to pick up the phone to.

We have a long history in creating engaging video content, with over a decade in media production. Our team can take care of your event whether it be powerpoint and audio or  full multi-camera TV style production for your online audience.

Full branding across your event

Running and online event doesn’t mean you should compromise on your brand. Our platform means that your brand is at the forefront of everything from registration page to confirmation email, live event page to reminder emails.

Our platform also supports custom DNS so we can use your domain name, for example webcast.yourdomain.com. Perfect for marketing events.

All content support

Unlike other leading platforms, we any type of content from live video streams to pre-recorded content, webcams to advanced powerpoint animations.

All your content just as you left it.

If you make an advanced slide build and complicated set of animations and transitions then you can rest assured that’s how it’ll look for your attendees! Easy!

Works on any device

Our webinars, webcasts and online events all work on any device, with absolutely no software, installs, plugins or downloads needed by your attendees. Less hassle to view means more viewers which drives up your audience engagement and numbers so your event has a greater ROI.

No risk

Our expert team and enterprise platform takes away all the risk from running an online event. We know things can get technical and that’s why we offer managed services. We take care of every technical detail which means you can focus on content and making your event as engaging as possible.

Our team create, test and check your registration page and process, schedule reminder emails and take care of all the technical aspects on your event day.



What does an event look like?

 Branded Event Pages

Webcasts take place on a branded event page which can feature your own domain (webcast.yourcompany.com for example). They’re totally bespoke and can look like your existing website or other marketing content.

More than just video

Video and Powerpoint slides meet textural content about your event, presenter information and extended biographies and PDFs, white papers and external links to enable attendees to take away further material from the event.

 Know the metrics

A successful webcast is more than just live video on a page, it’s run on a platform that tracks every metric. How many registrations have you had? How many of those went on to attend? How long did each attendee view for? What links and documents did they click on and download? Only with all this detailed information can you truly realise the full marketing potential of your webcast. Live video suddenly becomes valuable with StreamGo.


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