Why streamGo?

Whether you are streaming your webinar or webcast to new customers, existing clients, potential investors or your own team, we've got you covered. Find out how streamGo can help you meet your business goals:

What’s your objective?

Whatever your company uses webinars or webcasting for, the streamGo platform offers cutting-edge features and industry-leading support to make sure you achieve your goals. Find out more about what makes streamGo perfect for your business needs below:

Customer Acquisition

Webinars and webcasts are the perfect opportunity to reach new audiences and showcase products and services, driving enquiries, leads and revenue. Find out how streamGo’s advanced reporting features can help you turn prospects into customers.

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Audience Engagement

Online events and live streaming are a brilliant way of engaging audiences, and the streamGo Branding+ service helps you deliver a slick, seamless event that gets customers and stakeholders excited about what your brand has to offer.

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Internal Communications

Internal communications webinars and webcasts connect your team, and ensure that staff company-wide receive consistent training and messaging from head office. Our PresentGo platform makes it easy to connect and interact with your team, wherever they are.

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