Incisive Media are a global business to business publisher with well established brands. Incisive Media utilise the power of the StreamGo platform along with our enterprise support to run semi-managed webinars and webcasts from their London, New York and Hong Kong offices and studios to truly global attendees.


They run a range of live video webcasts and presentation based webinars for their subscribers. Sponsorship provides an excellent revenue stream for Incisive and the advanced reports available from the StreamGo platform allow tracking and lead scoring of attendees.

Expert support

StreamGo monitor every webinar and webcast ensuring there is no technical issues or outages.

Easy to use platform

Quick changes, easy to learn and navigate with full customisation.

Advanced branding

Embed content within the brands website at the brand URL i.e.

Advanced support for presentations

Slides, animations, videos – all honoured exactly as they are in PowerPoint.

Live support for attendees

Technical support to assist attendees with any technical issue. No robots, just live timely human chat to solve issues.

Advanced User Interaction

Viewers can participate in live Q&A or polling.