Multi-national pharmaceutical organisation, Pfizer, worked with streamGO on a substantial and challenging project via their media agency, Synergy. Medical Education.

Based in locations including Taiwan, India and central Europe, Synergy wanted to run an online seminar to a small but important group of a attendees across the globe on behalf of their client, Pfizer.

This webinar would include 3 speakers; 1 presenter, and 2 chairs of discussions each including highly detailed slide decks, live video and physical audiences at each site; not a small proposition with each of these contributors based in notoriously challenging medical locations.

I wouldn’t want to run another webinar without them.

Robbie Lang, Project Manager at Synergy Medical Education

The streamGO team began by coordinating technology checks at each location, working to establish a high- quality video and audio connection from an early point in the process. The team then ensured that the physical attendees at each event site were going to receive the correct feed and not have issues with latency or feedback.

The team conducted multiple rehearsals with the remote presenters across Asia to ensure a consistent and high-quality experience for attendees.

The webinar was a huge success delivering exceptional content despite challenging network and physical and environmental conditions.

Pfizer were able to deliver several global KOLs from their own venues saving time and revenue on unnecessary travel and inconvenience.

Feedback from attendees was excellent and Pfizer managed to successfully educate across borders at a low cost.

“We couldn’t be more grateful for streamGo’s efforts on our RCC Asia Webinar.

Coordinating multiple parties across 3 different countries with varying levels of technology and understanding was no easy feat but with streamGo’s assistance we managed to pull it off.

I would definitely recommend using their services, everything worked perfectly, was very simple to use and the level of customer service was extremely high.”

Robbie Lang, Project Manager at Synergy Medical Education

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