What’s the background?

Procurious are a leading provider of news for the supply chain sector. Their members use webinars to network and access regular online training.

However, these webinars need to fund themselves, which is why Procurious sell sponsorship to provide a healthy ROI on each event.

Procurement professionals are busy people so as well as webinars, sponsored podcasts also help drive audience engagement through a different medium – and we were happy to help!

“StreamGo have made the process of recording and hosting our webinars/podcast series seamless and straight forward - saving me/ the Procurious team so much time/effort.”

Laura Ross, Community Liaison Manager at Procurious

How did we do it?

Our webinar and podcast producers are experts in making things simple for clients – Procurious was no different.

Our webinar team record the event with multiple presenters (sometimes in different sessions), edit and remove mistakes before finalising the media. Any last minute tweaks are made by our team before the event is played out ‘as live’ or ‘simu-live’.

Live attendees have no idea the event is pre-recorded while the client and sponsor have perfect content every time.

What was the result?

Procurious had issues with previous webinar service suppliers due to lack of flexibility and poor audio and slide quality.

Luckily, the streamGo team are more than flexible and audio and video are always the highest quality possible – it’s one of the unique features of our platform.

Procurious generates a healthy ROI on both webinars and podcasts proving a successful commercial relationship.

“The biggest problem for us in the past [with previous providers] has been trying to record good quality webinars with speakers from across the globe, often at anti-social hours. StreamGo have resolved all these problems.

We’ve worked with a number of people from StreamGo and they’ve all been helpful, available when needed and eternally patient with our last minute changes/ rescheduling!

Finished product has always been excellent quality.”

Laura Ross, Community Liaison Manager at Procurious

Interested in running a webcast?

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