Retail Week is a weekly publication, focusing on news, analysis and data in the retail sector, which partners with streamGo on a programme of live interactive video webcasts for their magazine subscribers. These events are sponsored by Retail Week’s key clients and compromise an active ROI mechanism for the business.

With webcasts being a key feature in retail Week’s paid subscription, it was vital to Retail Week that streamGo offered a high-quality, professional and resilient platform for both viewers and sponsors; maintaining branding and consistency across platforms from streamGo to Retail Week‘s online presence.

Our team filmed the multi-camera event in Retail Week’s London HQ, treating the audience to a TV style production that engaged with live Q&A and polls throughout.

Notably, in a post-GDPR industry landscape, streamGo’s platform also allowed integration with the Retail Week CRM database. This means users registered once with data automatically in the Retail Week CRM with direct single sign on to streamGo pages – nice and simple for the audience and easy to setup for the client. It also meant that streamGo only received pseudo data of each attendee.


Retail Week see live video content as a key revenue driver with impressive ROIs for them, excellent leads and contacts for their sponsors and engaging content for their subscribers. It’s a true win win, win!

“It doesn’t get better than this. streamGO are a professional, calm and very competent live-streaming and recording service. The guys are quick to respond and really knowledgeable and helpful. They literally take care of everything – even moving the furniture when needed!”

“We can see exactly who attended our event, and the recording can be used after the event to continue to drive leads.”

Simon Mooney, Senior Marketing Manager at Retail Week

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