The Tenet Group is one of the UK’s largest and most financially robust adviser support groups. They provide a vast array of services to financial advisers enabling them to provide a first class advice service to consumers nationwide.

Tenet use webinars as a means to support their live events that they run throughout the year, allowing them to reach those that may not be in the area they are holding a physical event.

Tenet are accredited to allow CPD points for their webinars, so for each 30 minute webinar 30 minutes of CPD points are awarded. streamGo’s system allows attendees to complete and submit their reflective statement, required for CPD, throughout the duration of the webinar.

streamGo run a series of managed webinars for the Tenet group, looking after all aspects from the building of the registration and event pages, to recording and broadcasting the webinars themselves. The webinars are typically 30 minutes of core content topped and tailed with an introduction and live Q&A.

Advanced support for presentations

Slides, animations, videos – all honoured exactly as they are in PowerPoint.

Secure platform

Confidentiality is paramount importance with internal content. The StreamGo platform supports a range of secure and flexible security options.

Advanced Audience Interaction

Viewers can participate in live Q&A or polling.

Pre-record your content

Put your presenters at ease by having presentations recorded ahead of time, and then broadcast as live.

Remote management for your event

Our dedicated team work with you and your presenters to take care of all the technicalities, so you and your presenters can relax.

Accurate attendee reports

CPD relies on accurate data tracking your attendees viewing time, responses to questions and polls to assess their understanding and award accreditation.

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