Event Matchmaking Software That Makes Virtual Event Networking Easy

chatGo’s automated matchmaking creates connections between your attendees in seconds.


Event Matchmaking Software That Saves You Time

Fed up of spending hours in spreadsheets creating networking lists for your attendees? You’ll love chatGo.

Simply create your matchmaking questions and chatGo will do the rest. Each time an event attendee registers for chatGo networking they’ll create a profile and answer your questions. Once done, they’ll instantly see a list of connections, ranked by how closely their profiles match. In a couple of clicks they can be chatting via text or video with other attendees.

Sponsors and attendees alike will find chatGo networking a key part of your virtual event. As well as viewing their matches, users can also search by keyword to find new connections. Searching by job title or company name can be a great way for chatGo users to start valuable conversations.

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This Is Why You'll Love chatGo

Save Time

chatGo takes care of all the matchmaking tasks that normally take you countless hours (and spreadsheets!). Using the criteria you set, chatGo will provide each user with a unique list of their matches in seconds.

Instant Networking

Matches are made instantly and users can start connecting via text or video chat straight away. Connections are ranked in order of best-match, making it easy to identify the most fruitful networking opportunities.

Strategic Matchmaking

You set the rules for chatGo’s matchmaking AI to follow. This can help pair buyers and sellers, provide mentoring connections or create executive-level conversations.

Valuable Connections

Use bespoke questions to create valuable matches. Set questions around event topics, professional goals, current trends, buying intent and more.

chatGo Features

Automated Matchmaking

Cut out the hours of time spent manually matchmaking with chatGo’s AI.

Online Networking

chatGo users can view the full list of opted-in users to make networking at your event more effective.

Bespoke Questions

Match attendees or buyers and sellers based on their interests related to your event.

Custom Matchmaking

You set the rules for chatGo’s matchmaking AI to follow. This can help pair buyers and sellers, provide mentoring connections or create executive-level conversations.

Text And Video Chat

Attendees can instantly connect and engage with each other via the channels they prefer.


With your logo and brand colours, chatGo fits perfectly alongside your virtual event.

Match Ranking

Users can quickly see their best matches to help with their challenges or discuss their interests. So-long awkward small-talk.

Chat Rooms

Create multiple chat rooms to encourage attendees to discuss certain topics. You could even create a room dedicated to sponsor or speaker chat.

Filters And Blocking

Create profanity filters and allow users to block other users to ensure your event is a safe and enjoyable online space.

76% of attendees sign up for events to network

Encourage more sign ups with our networking tool for events; chatGo.

How Does Matchmaking Work?


Create A Profile

After registering for your virtual event, users are then encourage to set up their chatGo profile. As well as appropriate contact information users will also answer a series of your matchmaking questions.

Matches Made

Each time a user completes their profile, chatGo will provide them with a list of their matches. These matches are given a % score to indicate how closely the interests align.

Start Networking

Once the matches are in, users can start making the connections they want and your virtual event networking is up and running.
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