How Heart UK Shifted Virtual To Educate Healthcare Professionals Across The World


increase in attendee rate vs. physical events


countries tuned in to the event


of attendees watched the event on-demand

Easy to access and navigate, ability to re-visit talks on demand.

Good use of technology, spread out over several days with on-demand catch-up.

Good to have the flexibility to review presentations later.

The Challenge

Deliver Heart UK’s annual conference online for the first time ever, whilst still providing the same educational and networking opportunties attendees are used to.

The Solution

Interactive sponsor booths and poster halls with helpful resources, as well as dedicated roundtable sessions for networking opportunities. 

The Result

A truly educational experience with lots of content interaction and double the usual attendee rate.

The Challenge:
Create An Interactive Event To Educate Professionals Across the World

Heart UK is the UK’s only cholesterol charity. Their Annual Scientific Conference is all about providing support and educating healthcare professionals about best practices and latest research. It’s also a space for people to meet and network with one another.

Safe to say, it’s pretty important…

Of course with the ongoing restrictions, the conference needed to be held virtually for the first time ever.

So, we needed to help them deliver an event that was equally as engaging, educational and sociable as the physical conferences. Read on to find out how exactly we helped them achieve that…

"It’s fantastic we were able to deliver the usual high class education that we always do via a virtual approach. We chose streamGo because we really liked the platform - other platforms didn't seem to offer much around things like networking. We also knew we'd get the support we needed."

Jules PayneChief Executive

The Solution:
Trackable Interactive Resources, Networking Roundtable Sessions and More...

Education is the number one priority at these conferences. So we had to make sure that attendees would interact and be just as engaged with the content online.

That’s why we built our interactive poster halls to house all of Heart UK’s educational materials, such as brochures and research papers. These were a huge success with attendees and got lots of interaction in the platform.

Did you know that all interactions in our event platform are fully trackable? This meant Heart UK could see exactly which resources were the most popular.

Adding Real Sponsor Value With Fully Bespoke, 360° Virtual Sponsor Booths

Sponsors are another a big part of these conferences, so it was important the virtual event added as much value to them as possible.

That’s why Heart UK went with our 3D, 360° sponsor booths. Each booth was fully branded and had tonnes of bespoke engagement features, from resource hubs to live chats and donation boxes.

The sponsor booths ended up getting lots of visits from attendees and everyone loved how they could walk around a 360° ‘exhibition hall’ before deciding which booth to visit next.

Unlocking The Power Of On-Demand

Once the conference was over, Heart UK didn’t just leave it there. The entire event was then made available to watch on-demand. This gave access to those that couldn’t watch the event live and allowed attendees to re-watch specific sessions.

The on-demand hub included our powerful video search feature discoverGo, arming attendees with the flexibility to search the entire event content for specific mentions of words and topics to help them find exactly what they need.

Read more about how discoverGo can help increase  your event engagement >>

“It’s been amazing having the on-demand version available with searchable video to help people find sessions. So many people have accessed the conference since it finished.”

Jules PayneChief Executive

of survey respondents said they are able to apply learnings in day to day practice

The Result:
Lots Of Content Engagement & 100% Increase In Attendee Rate

The event was a huge hit, with an impressive 100% of survey respondents saying they are able to apply learnings in day to day practice. Due to the online nature, attendee rate also increased by an amazing 100% compared to their usual physical conferences.

The on-demand hub served as another fantastic addition, with over 60% of attendees revisiting the event at a later date.

Official Statement From Heart UK

We would encourage you to consider using streamGo.  HEART UK held our successful 2021 Annual Scientific Conference on the platform and it worked really well.  As a health charity we would encourage all employers to consider the heart health of their staff.  HEART UK would be happy to explore a partnership so we can support you in this journey. Find out more here.

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