Experience Husky
Bespoke 360˚
Virtual Event





Key features:

  • Bespoke branding
  • 3D, 360˚ build
  • Branded game
  • Downloadable content
  • Multiple webinars
  • On-demand access

Engaging and Educating Audiences Through a 360˚ Virtual World.

Husky are world leaders in injection molding systems and provide technology services across a range of industries, from consumer goods to medical devices.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, they wanted to shift their events digitally so they could still connect and educate their audiences around the world.

We helped them deliver Experience Husky – a two day virtual event where attendees could explore and learn about the various markets that Husky serves, as well as collaborate with industry experts from across the globe.

Bespoke Brand Immersion

We designed and built a full 360 virtual Husky world that replicated the various Husky campuses and locations across the globe. This meant attendees could fully immerse themselves into the fully branded event from the comfort of their own homes and explore everything that Husky had to offer.

The platform served as an extension of Husky’s ongoing initiatives to integrate digitalisation into their operations and allowed Husky to interact with customers in a faster and more convenient environment than ever before.

Husky services

Engaging Content

This included designated service rooms, each with their own bespoke designs and interactive features which provided audiences with the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge technology developments and interact with presentations delivered by Husky subject matter experts.

Husky took full advantage of the versatility our platform offers with event content, and had everything from educational explainer videos and presentations that audiences could watch on-demand, to downloadable product documents.

We even built an interactive supermarket where attendees could explore a variety of food and drinks under the Husky umbrella, with informational product videos and documents available to download.

Live Stream Webinars and Sessions

Over 20 webinars were hosted in the virtual auditorium by a variety of experts. These webinars covered a range of topics, from key industry insights, advice in adapting during COVID-19 and company news and demos.

Audiences could watch these live or view on-demand at a later date.

Branded, Interactive Game

Sustainability is a huge focus for Husky, so we designed and built a branded ‘myths and facts’ game. This created a fun way to engage attendees whilst  educating them on Husky’s environmental and sustainable practices.

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