Delivering a webinar or webcast with streamGo

Step 4: Demonstrating ROI

By measuring and understanding the return on investment from your event, you can make an even bigger impact next time.

Understanding what worked and what didn’t is essential, so make sure you’re able to clearly tie back what your event actually delivered compared to your original objectives.

Analyse your data

Understand your ROI

Build on your success

With comprehensive reporting, the streamGo platform provides you with the data you need to demonstrate results and generate insights for your next online event.

Registration reporting

How many people viewed your event registration page, and how many signed up for your event? The way you sell your event on the registration page can affect sign-up rates, so if this is lower than expected, your event synopsis may benefit from improvement.

Attendee reporting

Of the people who signed up, who actually attended your event? Our automated reminder emails will maximise the number of people who remember to attend, but other factors such as choosing the right time of day/week, the strength of your event topic, and the way you communicate the benefits of attending, can all help improve attendance rates.

Event engagement reporting

See who viewed your event, and for how long – did you keep your audience’s attention right to the end? What did they do when they were there? Did they click links or download resources? Did they ask questions? This can help you understand whether your audience was actively engaged in the presentation.

Email reporting

How did your pre-and post event emails perform? Testing different subject lines, content and templates can help to improve open rates, click through and overall performance, as well as making sure as many people as possible attend your event and stay engaged with your brand afterwards.

streamGo provides everything you need in one place, with comprehensive reporting for peace of mind and complete branding control.

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