Delivering a Webinar or Webcast with streamGo

Step 1: Preparation and Planning

Companies host webinars and webcasts for a wide variety of reasons.

Maybe you are launching a new product to a national or international audience, or you have big internal news and need to sell a vision and plan to your team. Maybe you need to keep stakeholders up to date with performance, or you want to build your marketing database.

Whatever your objective, you need everything to go smoothly, and that means careful planning and preparation.

Define your objectives

Develop a concept

Create a timeline

The expert team at streamGo have been through this process many times before, and can guide you through every step to ensure your online event is a success. Here are the first steps to planning and setting up your webinar or webcasting event:

Define your objectives

Do you want to win new customers? Build brand awareness? Keep your team up to date with what’s happening? Your objective should be front of mind when planning your event to make sure everything is pulling in the same direction. Whatever you want to achieve from your webinar or webcast, the streamGo team can advise on the best approach to take.

Decide your event topic

Whatever your objective, the best way to achieve it is with an engaging topic. Even if this is defined for you (for example, if it’s a piece of internal messaging), think about your audience and how you might be able to position the topic to appeal to them.

Create a timeline

Work backwards from when you want or need to host an event, to make sure you have all the major deadlines or milestones mapped out. This should include the preparation for the actual event itself, as well as any marketing and promotion activities connected to it.

Publish a registration page

We can do that, fully-branded, with our Branding+ service, and with referral source capture we can tell you which promotional methods work best.

Send out branded pre and post-event emails

Automatic reminders are included, with calendar invites to drive up attendance.

Start promoting and marketing

Focus on the audience you want. Monitor the impact through your branded registration page.

Create your presentation materials

Anything you make in PowerPoint will go live through our PresentGo platform. Plan your talking points and make sure your presenters rehearse.

And relax: With our managed services team and powerful platform, you won’t need to worry about technical issues or challenges. Everything is taken care of.

Why not get in touch to discuss how streamGo can help you deliver successful webinars and webcasts