Why Should I Live Stream My Event?

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In this eBook, we’ll explain how live streaming can help your event, how to do it and what to watch out for.

Attract a whole new audience.

Generate extra sponsorship.

Why streaming won’t deter in-person attendees.

What to look for when deciding to stream your event.

Measuring the success of your conference stream.

Exclusive video content gives you a chance to generate more revenue from your conference.

Key Takeaways From This eBook...

New Ticket Revenue

How to generate revenue from people who can’t make your conference.

Extra Sponsorship

Boost sponsorship revenues with new branding opportunities and increased reach.

An All-New Audience

Find out why streaming won’t deter in-person attendees.

Choosing The Platform

Get a free checklist to make sure you choose the right provider for your conference.

Measure The Impact

How to use webcasting to analyse and report on the success of your event.

Extend Your Event’s Reach With Live Stream Access

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