4 tips to improve your next internal comms webcast in just 90 seconds

One of the most powerful ways to communicate with staff is live video webcasts –

but what’s the best way to improve these to drive up attendance, engagement

and ultimately ensure your internal audience understands your message?

Luckily, our team have run live internal communication webcasts for some of the worlds biggest brands with dispersed global workforces and they’ve picked up some top tips along the way! That’s why we thought we’d share some best practice and hints with you on how to engage and inspire your team when running a live webcast. We’ve deliberately kept this blog short so your hectic work schedule isn’t disrupted.

Top Tip #1:

ensure your webcast has video!

You may think this is basic but a lot of internal messaging still relies presentations and presenter audio – while this works, it isn’t exactly captivating and inspiring.

The type of video can vary from a simple interview of your CEO to live streaming from a physical town hall event. The possibilities are endless but most important is the quality. In a digital age where the average person watches hours of video every day, they expect high quality well produced video – not shaky content from an iPhone*

*other brands are available 🙂

Top Tip #2: let your audience ask questions

It’s so empowering to provide staff direct access to management to ask questions. And luckily there’s a few simple ways to do this:

  • Allow users watching to ask textual based questions live from the same branded web page they view the video on.
  • Or if your users are watching in large viewing sessions provide support for smartphones – so each user can visit a simple webpage so they can ask questions from their own smartphone wherever they are.
  • Have a dedicated team member to amend, moderate and prioritise these questions before they reach the exec team live. No need to worry about that awkward question reaching the CEO. Phew! 🙂
  • Allow staff to submit questions using a dedicated page prior to the event to encourage attendance and engagement.

Top Tip #3: involve wider leaders

Your webcast may be broadcast from your head office in the UK but it’s often a great idea to have other leaders from across the globe present their point of view to staff.

Our techies can bring in a range of additional presenters from their offices across the globe to form one consolidated online event (just like when TV news has live links to correspondents in the field – only this time it’s your senior management team in Asia or the US).

We can make use of your existing equipment – video conferencing, smart phones, laptops or phones to empower worldwide presenters.

Top Tip #4: keep the content engaging

It’s difficult to concentrate on long keynotes (over 30 minutes) from one presenter. Shorter keynotes from more members of the exec team or interviews with key members of the team work best. This engages more viewpoints and creates video content that is more like a TV interview and as such keeps your staff engaged for longer. And remember not to make your internal comms webcasts too long – the average attention span is only 45 minutes!

Well that’s it for our quick two-minute guide to improve your internal communication webcasts. Our tech team have produced literally hundreds of these from global locations so if you need any more help or advice just drop us a line or give us a call.

One of our expert producers will be happy to offer some advice and don’t worry they’re not a salesperson so you won’t get the hard sell!

Want to discuss how you could get the most out of your event? Get in touch

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