4 Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Webinar Attendance

There are many ways to measure how effective your marketing has been before broadcasting a webinar.

Some ways to measure the impact include registration numbers, number of live attendees, post-event views and clicks through to your website. Ultimately the success of a webinar relies on your ability to engage with an audience and maintain engagement after the event.

Social media is an effective tool to advertise and introduce your webinar event. Being able to integrate the marketing of your webinar event with social media will significantly increase webinar attendance.

Here we explain several key ways in which you can use social media to improve webinar attendance.

Create targeted social media ad campaigns

Most people nowadays are on one or more social channel, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. All these platforms have the capacity to reach new audiences through highly targeted advertising campaigns.

We recommend that you should use some of your marketing budget towards social media promotion. This will help build awareness whilst helping you to reach your desired audience.

Encourage social sharing

Encouraging people to share and promote your webinar event through posting on social media is a great way to reach a wide range of potential audience members.

Adding social share buttons to your webinar registration page and email confirmations will prompt people to share and advertise your webinar event, helping to boost attendance. Attendees will be able to show that they are attending, which will spread the word digitally, and therefore encourage others in their sector to join them.

Create an event page on social networks and Eventbrite

One way to raise awareness of your webinar event is through hosting a virtual event over a social media platform: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Eventbrite (for public webinars). These virtual event pages enable you to support engagement between fellow attendees and give your event more exposure. These pages can be useful, providing every one of them directs people back to a landing page, or you can collect attendee details through third-party tools.

Live-tweeting during the event

Leading up to your webinar event, Twitter is a great way to promote it. Live-Tweeting during a webinar is an effective method of attracting more attention to your event, encouraging your audience to share feedback and ask questions throughout the webinar. Polls are also a useful way to increase engagement with your audience and it ensures the topic of discussion is fully understood.

By utilising the power of social media through targeted ad campaigns, encouraging attendees to share your event, creating event pages for various social media platforms and live tweeting and posting throughout your webinar, you can boost the numbers of attendees at your webinar events.

There’s a lot to think about when planning your webinar. StreamGo provide a complete webinar service, from setting up event pages to broadcasting your presentation. Get in touch to find out how we can help you with your next webinar event.

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