5 Ways To Keep Your Webinar Audience Engaged And Interested

Keeping your webinar audience engaged and watching isn’t always easy. Everyone is busy, and when watching a webinar online, there is the potential for dozens of other distractions.

We have drawn together the following key tips which will help your audience to remain engaged and ensure you have a successful webinar.

Recognise the challenges

Although there are many benefits associated with webinars, there are also several challenges a webinar host must consider when presenting to an online audience.

It’s not unusual for an audience to lose interest during a webinar – they may get side-tracked by trying to multitask watching your presentation with other work commitments. There is the possibility that some viewers will mute the webinar presentation during the session.

One way to tackle these challenges is by concentrating on creating high levels of engagement throughout your webinar. This can be achieved several ways:

#1 Engaging with the right audience

Although this may not work for every sector because some webinars target a wide range of people, try and target a specific audience, focusing on areas such as industry, job role and previous interest in your brand.

Promoting a webinar to the right audience will help improve its success rate. We advise that you select the audience for a particular webinar topic using marketing automation systems or lead management. One way to enhance this further is by giving your audience access to you as a speaker, which will give them the opportunity to ask any questions in advance which you may want to cover during the webinar presentation.

#2 Content is king

Even though many viewers will choose your webinar based on the subject, you also need to make your content interesting and relevant to ensure that your webinar event is successful and engaging.

Visually, your presentation should incorporate bold, exciting colours to captivate your audience and keep them engaged. Select eye-catching videos and images that relate to your chosen topic. Employing both visual and audio components to your webinar will help strengthen the attention of your audience, keeping them focused on your content.

Try to incorporate graphs that are easy to read and follow alongside text that is relevant and concise, which you can then elaborate on during your presentation.

#3 Captivate your audience from the start

It is essential that you command attention from your audience as soon as your webinar presentation begins.

Do not build up your presentation, make sure it is exciting and engaging from the beginning. One way to do this is by making your introduction short, clear and concise, mentioning the key topic points of discussion during the presentation. Getting the introduction done quickly allows you to move on to the information that really matters, keeping your content focussed and direct.

Make sure your audience knows at the start that your presentation will be clear and easy to follow, with the discussion constantly moving forward. Let them know from the start that if they are unsure of anything, there will be time allocated at the end during the Q&A where they can ask questions. This will allow you to discuss points further in more detail without boring the rest of your audience.

#4 Dialogue over Monologue

Participation is key to an exciting and engaging presentation. The ability to involve your audience by asking questions and through polls greatly enhances their ability to retain and recall information. We recommend that you try and interact with your audience as much as possible during the webinar to ensure they remain interested and motivated to learn.

As a presenter, you have the option to either speak AT your audience, through facts and endless details or to speak WITH them, through requesting feedback and asking for opinions on certain issues. By continuously asking for your viewer’s input, it is a lot harder for them to ‘switch off’ and lose interest as they have to remain focused and pay attention in order to understand the content.

#5 Keep your presentation exciting

Before you present your webinar, prepare it in the way you would for a live speaking event. By recording yourself and practising your presentation a few times before the actual event, you can identify areas for improvement which will help you create a successful webinar.

If this is your first webinar, you may be nervous initially. If that could be a problem on the day, consider pre-recording your presentation to give you a chance to ensure it’s perfect, whilst at the same time giving you more of a chance to engage with the audience through a live-stream of questions and answers. You need to make your audience become as excited about your discussion topic as you are; more often than not your audience will respond to your level of passion and this will determine how engaged they are with the presentation and its content.

With these five tips, you should be able to keep your audience away from their many other distractions and engaged with your webinar.



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