9 Questions to ask your Webinar provider

Webinars are an ever increasing media avenue, with over 60% of companies using them as a part of their content marketing programs. With this being said the number of webinar providers is also increasing.

Therefore, you now have more options and more choice in webinar provider, essentially making it more of a buyer’s market, you have more choice and therefore more say in what you will get from your webinar provider.

With this in mind we have put together a list of 9 questions you should be asking before signing on that dotted line.

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1. Can people without Flash watch?

As detailed in our previous blog the death of flash is more or less here.

With that comes the need to ensure that your attendees can still view your content without having to give access to Flash while the security settings of your web browser advises against it.

Many webinar providers with older platforms still deliver content using flash, which will ultimately cause a loss of attendees.

Before signing up to any provider check that the provider does not rely on Flash and ask them specifically what their alternative is.

2. Can I Poll my audience?

Interacting with your audience is a great way to maintain engagement throughout the course of your event, and polls are a great way to do this.

Before asking about this think about how you would like the polling to work so that you have a good idea of what it is you need.

Then you can look at the types of polling offered by the webinar provider and see who matches your needs more closely. Good things to look at are – do they obstruct the view of the webinar, do the response options allow the use of standard grammar and have a suitable character limit or do they allow for multiple response types?

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3. What kind of reports do I get?

Ultimately, one of the main reasons for running a webinar is to gather data on potential leads. Therefore, you don’t want to go spend time and money running a webinar to then not find out who registered/attended etc.

Before you commit to a webinar provider, sit down and think about the data that you really want to have following an event and compare this to the data offered by the webinar provider.

Remember this goes deeper than just collecting a list of names and email addresses. Information on viewing times, questions asked and page navigation can all be very useful and should be available as standard.

4. Can I have a recording of my content?

As the number of webinars streamed in one week continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly difficult to watch webinars at their scheduled times. This is where having a recording of your content can be incredibly useful.

When considering which webinar provider to choose, consider how much access you have to the media content following the live event. The data is yours after all so you should be entitled to an actual media file of your content, not just a hosted on-demand link.

5. Can I include video content in my event?

As mentioned in our most recent blog post, video content can gain 50% more viewer hours than standard presentation based content. Therefore, having the option to record and play video content is a huge bonus.

Additionally, having a provider that can run both webinars and webcasts gives you a level of flexibility in your approach. If the company does offer to record content or run webcasts ask about their credentials, what have they done before for example.

This will give you a good idea of the quality you can expect, don’t sign up blind.

6. Will the pages be fully branded?

A lot of webinar providers consider a page ‘fully branded’ if they pop a few logos and change a few colours on the page.

This may not always be the level of branding you are looking for, ask to see some old examples of pages created by the provider, and consider if it is as branded as you would like. Can they include watermarks, or can they adjust the position of the items on the page? Ultimately, do you want the page to look like it could sit on your website, and if so does the provider offer this?

7. Do you offer any unique features?

With the influx of new webinar providers, it is important to ask about whether you are getting any features not offered by other providers.

If there are any unique features, ask questions so that you fully understand and can use these features to improve your event, and make the most of these features.

Make sure that these unique features are going to make a difference for you, don’t just sign up because the offering is different. Do the unique features help you achieve your webinar goals?

8. Will the stream reach multiple devices?

As people are now connected in more ways than ever before, your reach needs to mirror this.

Ask your webinar provider if they are able to stream to multiple devices, most companies should be able to stream to most devices as standard. However, it is always worth double checking that your event will be streamed to all devices such as iOS and Android, as some companies may only do this if you specifically ask for it or if your attendees download a dedicated app.

9. Will you provide any Technical Support?

Finally, it is important to know that your attendees are going to be taken care of. If they are struggling to access the event or are having connection issues, you do not want them just to drop off the event.

Ask your provider what support they have in place for your attendees, do they offer a live chat with an actual person, or do they have to go through automated steps first. Is this option always available or does it rely on a specific request before an event?

In addition to your attendees, it is worth knowing if your presenters will have support, is someone available to talk with while the event is ongoing or do they need to come off the presentation to reach someone?

So there you have 9 questions to ask your webinar providers before signing up to a package with them. Ultimately, you should look for a provider offering a complete solution, who will be there for each step of your webinar journey.

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