Company Updates: That’s April!

We see a spike every April and October with company updates.

Internal comms is a tricky thing to get right and one that a lot of streaming companies don’t have any knowledge or expertise in. Luckily, our team have been doing it for years so understand all the tech nuances around bit rates, network access and multicasting to ensure that our events go from boardroom to home-worker (and all the bits in between!).

We’re currently in the middle of delivering events for FTSE 100 companies – chief execs briefing their staff at a physical conference that is also streamed for 3000 other staff across Europe.

Next week, we’ll be streaming a similar event but to a globally dispersed workforce including in mainland China (the location of many factories!) We also run this event twice for two different time zones (one for Asia and one for the US (with Europe able to choose which time they watch)). This means that both audiences can ask live questions and put their execs on the spot (though we do offer the ability to moderate questions first :) )

Video really makes a difference on these events, it connects execs to their workers, however remote and helps offices and factories on the opposite end of the globe to feel part of one organisation. We get extremely good feedback from internal communications managers on these events as any issue, no matter how small, could be extremely detrimental to their own career so they choose us to guide and manage this process for them!

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