A lot of clients choose to webcast part or all of their conferences to extend the reach of their content.

Today, we’re off to Barcelona to stream an annual update for stakeholders. This extends the reach of the conference delegate by 100% (as many people will watch online as are physically present). It’s a great way for the business to engage with customers in Spain, that aren’t in easy travel distance of Barcelona, while also providing a handy asset for stakeholders to watch in the weeks after the event.

There’s nothing new about streaming conferences; but this time we’re providing dual audio streams – Spanish and English. Some of the presenters are presenting in English (they’re from the UK) and rest are native Spanish speakers.

We’re combining these live native audio streams with translators speaking in English and Spanish which means stakeholders can watch the whole event in either language – whichever they prefer! We’re also streaming the slides live in both languages too and obviously the online event pages are available in either language.

This is an excellent way to raise engagement with Stakeholders and means that they’re engaged in whichever language they prefer giving a compelling reason to watch online.

There’s undoubtedly a little more complexity from a webcasting point of view but we are taking care of all the audio and video routing, working alongside the local AV team, to bring the right stream to the right page.

If you want to discuss conference or multi-language streaming please drop us a line – info@streamgo.co.uk