‘How to make your event more engaging and successful’ – help from our tech team!

You’re a webinar and webcast veteran having run events in the past, but you’re wondering how do I keep users engaged

for longer and increase their viewing time of my valuable content?

Lucky for you, our team of superstar techies, who have run thousands of events in their time, have got a bunch of top tips to keep your audience engaged and consuming your webinar or webcast for as long as possible.

Our overall top tip – keep your content pacey. Pacey and well-structured content keeps attention. Think about content you watch as a viewer on TV and online. It’s mostly engaging and informative whilst also having a lot of variation.

We think, as adults, that our attention span is better than children but we still struggle to listen to one person speak for an hour. Whereas mixing up your content with multiple presenters breathes fresh life and ideas into your event.

“keep your content pacey”

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“video engages”

Our tech teams next piece of advice – use videos in your events. Breaking up content with short pieces of pre-existing, pre-recorded material really helps draw your viewers focus back to your main content, while also giving your live presenters a moment to breath and regain some momentum and punch.

We’d advise a couple of video pre-records (usually only lasting a minute) during your one-hour live event. This is enough to redraw focus and regain your viewers attention.

“webcasts are twice as effective”

The team of super tech savvy webcast producers suggest you use video during your event. Live video of your presenters, allowing users to see the debate and presenter, keeps audience attention for almost twice as long. It’s just like watching TV and we all know how much of that we watch!

Webcast production is simple (well it is when you have our pro team on your side taking care of all the stress).

Note sure what a webcast is? Here’s our handy page to help.

“polling re-engages”

Our superstar techs are also keen to stress, this is an online event not a TV programme or physical conference. We can be clever and use some of the tools at our disposal to re-engage viewers. Polling is a great way to do this. Allowing the audience to vote on a subject re-ignites their interest and stops them getting bored.

An even better way to utilise polling, is to allow the audience to influence what’s next during the event. This way you can tailor your content to the specific viewers you have and everyone gets the most out of the event.

Polling also has a hidden secret too – you could utilise the polling results to write whitepapers and industry thought leadership. This makes your event even more valuable with a further piece of valuable content marketing!

“deploy hastags”

Everyone uses twitter nowadays, so why not promote use of twitter hashtags during your event? This has two great benefits. It allows you drive up social engagement during your event while also promoting it to the viewers’ twitter followers (which could be a significant amount of free, yes free, advertising!)

“live Q&A”

Our legendary techs final thought, and we leave the simplest til last (but yes they tell us some clients still don’t utilise this!) is always have a live Q&A session.

Live Q&A really makes your viewer feel involved and they get real value out of the event by having their specific question answered by an expert. But don’t leave Q&A til the end of the event (as unless you’ve employed our top tips above your viewer have logged off already!) use them throughout.

You could do multiple question and answer sessions or answer questions as they come in using a panel discussion during your event.

Interaction is the key, our techs suggest. Events that have multiple presenters bouncing off each other by far outperform events that are a single presenter. Viewers are fickle and like to hear and see a debate or conversation rather than a monotone voice throughout an entire event.

So, now you’ve had the advice of our top tech team you should be well on the way to running more engaging, successful, commercially beneficial webinars and webcasts.

Let’s re-cap our tips again:

  1. Pacey, upbeat content

  2. Use video in your event

  3. Consider webcasts instead of webinars – they’re upto twice as successful

  4. Run polling during your event

  5. Deploy twitter hashtags for greater social reach

  6. Always use live Q&A sessions.

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