How Webinar Integration Can Work For You

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What is a webinar?

Inbound Marketing

Marketing has grown and evolved substantially over recent years, firstly with the emergence of digital as a major force in marketing. More recently, however, there has been a huge shift to inbound marketing.

The focus of inbound marketing is on earning a person’s attention through social media and content. This content must be engaging and value adding to create a positive connection, making them more likely to engage with your brand.

As people become more in control of the information they receive, it is increasingly important to use inbound marketing, within a well-rounded strategy.

Marketing Automation

Using a Marketing Automation system allows you to (I’m sure you could guess) automate your marketing activities, in particular repetitive activities such as emails, social media posts etc.

Essentially, marketing automation is strongest at nurturing your mid funnel prospects. So if you have a strong inbound marketing content and are generating new leads it makes perfect sense to move to a marketing automation system.

While marketing automation systems are best at cultivating mid funnel prospects, it does not mean it can’t be used for inbound marketing. This is where webinars can become extremely effective.

What about Webinars?

Webinars are a great method of inbound marketing; they are a real time solution, where people can ask questions and get answers within a set time. Additionally, they can easily be promoted later as content on your website.

Having said that webinars alone are not going to drive prospects through the funnel in its entirety. It is important to use webinars as a method of supporting your other activities.

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Combining the two

The key here is to integrate your webinars with your marketing automation system. That way you can use the webinar to create inbound content and then continue to nurture these contacts with your other marketing activities.

The majority of Marketing Automation platforms have everything you need to run a webinar campaign from start to finish. We would simply recommend embedding your webinar into a landing page and adding some minor touches.

There are two reasons we recommend embedding. Firstly, it allows you to keep the look and feel you have across the rest of your site, if you create a matching landing page.

Secondly it ensures that all your data remains in one place, without the need to upload and download data continuously.

Data driven

Most companies will now use a Marketing Automation system. The traditional use of these has meant that once a company has run a webinar with a third party they would then have to download the data from the third party site and then upload to their own system, adding time to the whole process.

By combining the two you keep your data in one place, a good platform will feed attendance data and metrics back to your MA system automatically (so no Excel documents being moved around). Your Marketing Automation system will then allow you to log all marketing activity relevant to each contact (including attendance history) so rather than having to compare multiple reports, the data is all there in one place.

Can I run a webinar within my MA system?

Many Marketing Automation systems have a solution for running webinars. However, the majority of these started life as a meeting tool and now masquerade as a webinar tool to meet a growing need.

The problem here is that a meeting tool and a webinar platform are not the same thing. Many meeting tools require you to download 3rd party software, which will have limited branding potential and feels like a whole different world to your own website and brand.

Ideally, a quality webinar will match your brand and website without requiring any download at all.

Ultimately, marketing automation and webinars are two different things that marry very well and when you combine the expertise and experience of both you will have a winning formula. Your webinar will match your website, your data will move straight into your system and you don’t need to spend a lot on training.

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