Our team travel across Europe (and sometimes further) to run live online events.

Today, we’re off to Vienna to run a live webcast for medical training. Our customer is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies and our event will be streamed across Europe and Asia to educate Consultants on the use of their drug.

This event is heavily grounded in medical data so includes a lot of slide content and live polls of the audience on case studies (to get a view from other consultants how they would treat a patient). It’s kept very interactive with the Consultant attendees encouraged to ask questions over the phone and webcam (or text) to the presenters.

After the event is finished we redirect users to a survey page so they can feedback their comments on the event.

You may ask why Vienna? Two of the leading Consultants on this type of treatment are based their which is why the event was streamed from their hospital. It also meant we got a bit of a sun tan too! (only joking we we were working obviously 🙂 ).

If you want to discuss live webcasts please drop us a line – info@streamgo.co.uk