New Year…New Updated Platform

Happy New Year from StreamGo. We’ve got some great plans in place for 2016! First up, our brand new, updated, platform launches at the end of January.

We’ve introduced a ton of enterprise features to empower your events including:

  • black and white listing of IP address, domain name and country restrictions
  • large scale event support – events can now include additional pages, content and multiple events. This means true virtual multi-sessional online events. No continuous logins and full attendee tracking – who attended which page for how long and what did they click on. Perfect for your marketing metrics.
  • Live event interactions – our platform now allows you to redirect users to pages, trigger page refreshes and run polling.
  • Multi-bitrate support – our customised video player now allows users to select their preferred video resolution – high quality for fast connections, low quality for those struggling to watch via slow mobile data or hotel wifi.

These new features make our platform world-class and complement our existing range of standard features like reporting, registration and live events.

Get in touch to discuss your event.