Organisational Change – webcasts could be the perfect tool

Internal communication during periods of organisational change can be tricky. They need to be planned and executed to the highest precision to empower staff rather than cause confusion.

Webcasts can be an ideal solution to your internal communication strategy. A live address from CEO to all global staff can create confidence and reassurance that individual briefings with line management can never hope to achieve.

However, running an internal comms webcast can be tricky – it requires some forward planning with your network team to work out the exact bitrates and streams supported at each of your offices. We can then ensure a successful event to all your staff.

Security can be a concern but luckily our platform has some nifty tricks up it’s sleeve. We can restrict viewing so that users can only log on from within your corporate IT infrastructure (IP whitelist and blacklisting) as well as provide each of your employees with a unique passcode to the event. This means your internal communications are kept, well, internal!

This is just one of the reasons to trust your online event to StreamGo, the streaming and online event experts. Get in touch to discuss your next event.