Reach New Customers and Markets With Interactive Webcast Conferences

When we think about ‘worldwide’ brands we tend to think of global giants like Apple or Nike or Coca-Cola, but guess what? Your brand is a worldwide brand too. Really.

The very fact you have a website on the internet means people from anywhere in the world can find you. Take a look at your analytics, there’s bound to be visits to your site from at least one country or market you’ve never thought to target. There are potential customers everywhere, you just need a way to reach them.

Social media is a good way to do this, as is content marketing. Oh, and conferences, they’re great too.

Conferences? Those gatherings that are held in one venue at a specific time and only offer value to people lucky enough to attend?

Yes, those exact conferences.

Broadcasting your brand to the world

Conferences are a brilliant way to appeal to your target audience. They bring people with an active interest in your business to the same place at the same time. Too often, though, they’re thought of as a “be there or miss out” event, where if you can’t make it you lose out on a goldmine of wonderful content.

But the fact is, most of your target audience can’t physically make it to your conference. For the 250 people that attend your event on the day, there could be 250,000 more missing out.

So what can you do about it? Taking the show on the road like a gigging musician would be a logistical nightmare and hiring a venue large enough for tens of thousands of people is an expense that doesn’t bear thinking about.

A much simpler solution? Host your conference online.

Create a webcast that anybody can access from anywhere in the world. This way nobody misses out. Even if they can’t attend live, your event can remain online where it can be accessed long after the dust has settled on your event.

But that would mean missing out on ticket money?

Host your conference behind a paywall where online attendees can subscribe and watch the content at their own leisure. Even a nominal fee would dramatically increase revenue. On top of that, you’ll have a stack of new, engaged leads.

Even giving away your content for free would make sense given the potential a webcast offers in term of generating new leads in new markets. However, when compared to the cost of a ticket to the physical event, plus travel and accommodation, it’s unlikely that many people would object to a small fee for the comfort of online viewing.

But online viewers will miss out on the interactivity of the conference…

It’s true that they’ll miss out on the networking part and they won’t be able to sample your exquisite catering, but that’s all they’ll miss out on. Webcasts are completely interactive events and, via a member of your staff, online attendees are able to fire over questions and have them answered in real-time much like they would if they were there in person.

Hold up, if webcasts are this good, why will anyone bother to attend the conference?

Most people would rather be there in person, but some can’t be due to location and other commitments. The networking, the various sessions and, of course, that food of yours won’t stop people flocking to the venue. A webcast merely opens up your event to new audiences. Plus, those that do attend can be given access to the online broadcast too, allowing them to catch up on things they might have missed.

A conference is the most anticipated event in your company calendar, it’s where you get to showcase the very best of what your brand has to offer and generate tons of new leads over the course of a day or two. Why would you want to limit such an event to a couple of hundred people when there are prospective clients all over the world looking to learn more about your brand and do business with you? It seems silly, doesn’t it?

When your next conference rolls around, think about hosting it online, you’ll be surprised at how many new markets you’ll reach.

We know, it all seems a little daunting. Don’t worry – here at streamGo we’re here to guide you through every step. Want to find out more about how streamGo can help host your conference?

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