Registration Pages Do’s and Do not’s

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Imagine you were to run a charity event but forgot to invite people. It would be a miracle if anyone turned up, right? So relating this to webinars, do your registration pages do enough to compel people to register?

Your registration page can make or break your numbers, even more important if you have targets to reach. So here at streamGO we’ve created a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to creating a registration page.

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What is a webinar?

DO have a clearly visible call to action

Most, if not all, registration pages will have a register button as the call to action. Make sure this button is clear and try to keep it so that it is visible on the page as it loads; this can be affected by the registration fields, but more on that later. Keep the text on the button clear and simple along with any required elements within the form.

DO NOT add too many fields to your registration page

Long forms with numerous questions really can put people off registering. Give people as little to do as possible. Really think about which fields are completely necessary and stick with those. As mentioned, try and keep the form short enough so that the registrant doesn’t need to scroll to find the button. Another option here is to prepopulate the page – obviously this does depend on you having some of the attendee’s details.

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DO keep the page clear

The important facts are the title, date and who is speaking. Make sure that this information is clearly visible on the page without having to read through the event description. Some will read the description and some will not, so certainly include it on the page but do not hide the date within this text.

DO NOT go over the top with your event description

One or two short paragraphs should do it. If you want more detail available, try including it on the event page itself. Too much information can appear daunting and may cause the more important information to get lost.

DO keep it visual

Switch up the colours a little, have the date coloured so it doesn’t blend in with all of the other text. Include logos and presenter images also, as this can help with decision-making; if your potential registrants know a speaker or the company sponsoring the event this will all help. Have a background image to set the page off, it just looks way more appealing than a plain page with black text.

Another great way to keep the form visual is to include video somewhere on the form. This can be very engaging and it may just be the thing needed to convince someone to sign up.

DO NOT lose your registrants to links

A registration page is a great place to include other links! It makes sense that a company’s logo would link to their webpage and this is great. But make sure that they a) work, b) go to the correct place and c) open in a new browser. The third of these is very important, here is a fun little scenario:

I’ve filled in my details and am about to submit, but first I click the company logo. This redirects my page and in order to register I hit the back button and all the information I’ve already filled out has gone. Will I fill it out again and register? Unlikely.

DO send a follow up email

It’s great to finish off with a confirmation email that confirms their registration has gone through. This is often the way people enter the event on the day so make sure the ‘from’ name is going to be easy to search for and again keep the information clear and visual.

So there you have our do’s and don’ts for your webinar registration page. Try and remember these tips next time you set up a registration page. Also, feel free to use the comments to let us know if you think we’ve missed anything.

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