The art of the pre-record

Sometimes the content is too risky to do live or may require pre-clearance for medical or legal reasons

While live events are a significant draw to attendees, sometimes it isn’t practical to broadcast your event live. We see this a lot with legal and pharmaceutical clients who need to have a lot of content pre-cleared prior to making it live.

Luckily, we’ve developed a perfect solution – a live replay. This is a live event, with a scheduled date and time – played out to attendees as if it is live (they can’t skip through the content like an on demand). However, there’s one important difference – the content was recorded days or weeks in advance and replayed (much like most TV programmes!).

It means all the complicated legal stuff is sorted in advance and any issues can be edited out prior to the event, but the real draw is that attendees think it’s live so they still turn up to watch, which drives up lead generation. You can even record a Q&A session for the end of the event to include popular questions.

We film a lot of this content for clients and the results really are quantifiable – perfect content and a great tool for lead generation.

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