Top 10 ways to guarantee your webinar/webcast gets an audience

Like any form of media, you can have the best version of it that ever existed, but if no one sees it, what’s the point?

At StreamGo we support you at every step and so we’ve created a handy top 10 of ways to make sure your webinar or webcast gets an audience.

For the purpose of this post we’ve used the term webinar and webcast interchangeably. The tips apply for both.
Confused about webinars and webcasts?
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What is a webcast?

What is a webinar?

1.Pick your subject matter.

The more specific the better here. If you’re looking to have a webinar on marketing for example, you’d be best off narrowing down the field. Make sure you’re inviting the right audience or you could be setting yourself up for a high percentage of people dropping out early into the webcast.

You’ll want to create a catchy title and landing page as well. What are marketers ultimately looking for? More clients? More sales? Tailor your title by doing some SEO research and see what your target audience are actually searching for. Make sure any further assets (free downloads, slides, etc use the same title. It all helps to support your work and so Google and other search engines will see you as an authority on the subject. This means high keyword rankings for you.

Registering for a webinar doesn’t automatically mean the person will attend. So here is where you can set some goals, giving you something to aim for. Webinars typically get a 40% attendance rate. So if you’re aiming for 100 attendees, you’ll probably need at least 250 registrants.

2. Set some goals.

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3. Make them feel special

Attendees who remember you and your webinar/webcast and have been made to feel special are your best advertisement. They’ll recommend you in ways that a paid for placement will never do. So harness this force by making sure that they do have something to remember you by.

There are loads of ways to do this. Give something away – tickets to an event, a hotel stay , a download. You can run a competition via social media channels beforehand, thereby drumming up interest. You can offer discounts or try partnering with another company who can offer something valuable. Don’t let them forget you.

4. Create a registration page teaser.

When asking people to register for your webinar you want to give them a clear indication of what you’ll be offering. Don’t fill a never ending page with a breakdown of every section, but do make every effort to be clear and concise. Make the information easy to read and understand, and the registration form even easier.

Remember to include the 5 W’s. Who? What? When? Where? And Why?

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5. Thank you

It’s not just good manners. Sending a thank you and confirmation email allows you to certify that the applicant’s registration has been received. The worst they’ll do is delete it, the best they’ll do is add the event to their calendar and your details to their contacts. Then you’re on hand if they ever need to speak to you about related topics. Add a “Call to action” button in a prominent place, such as “Add me to your calendar”.

Luckily, StreamGo’s Enterprise platform sends this thank you email for you 🙂

6. Forget-Me-not

In the couple of weeks leading up to your webinar you’ll want to remind them of it. Keep not only the time and date fresh in their minds, but also the valuable content you’ll be sharing. Include relevant blog posts, those clear and concise points that were in the registration landing page and the option to share with others.

Our platform can send customised reminder emails to suit your schedule.

7. Harness your social media.

Create a hashtag for all participants. They can use it to ask questions before, during and after the event. Make sure to include it in all your promotional emails and posts. If you use a social media calendar or scheduler, you can sprinkle posts in regularly. Social Media moves fast, so don’t be afraid to post several times to ensure you catch a wider audience.

8. Speak up

Any speakers at the event should also be talking about it on their websites and social media channels.

They’ll have a whole other audience they can talk to on your behalf.

9. Howdy Partner

We mentioned it earlier, but joining forces with relevant companies and organisations can give you a huge boost. They might help increase your attendees and offer valuable information for your audience. You will be stronger together than apart.

10. Bring it on home.

Your homepage is the most valuable real estate on your website. Use it wisely. You don’t need to hide your webinars away. Push them to the fore. Make them easy to register for. Show that you are a company who believes in sharing knowledge and that you’ve taken the initiative to do so.

How do you make sure your webcasts get an audience? Tell us in the comments below.

That’s out tip ten tips to guarantee your webcast and webinars get an audience.

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