Webcasting is the ideal tool for medical training and promotion

The healthcare and medical sector has some unique challenges and webcasting is a unique way to reach global HCP and leading consultants.

One webcast can stream worldwide specialists and influential speakers to doctors worldwide. An ideal way to launch new research, drug trial results or educate specialists on new pharmaceuticals or drug usage.


Doctors attending the event can ask text based questions or depending on the type of webcast phone or webcam questions. This makes the webcast truly interactive and engaging for specialists and saves a significant amount of travel time and costs. That means events can be run more often which improves ROI for pharmaceutical businesses. It also means that global speakers become truly accessible with only a small webcast team travelling to power the event.


We find that the response from online attendees is extremely positive and they regularly watch and share the event with colleagues on-demand. Presenters like it too, they don’t need to travel across the globe to present their latest research, they can do it in their home city at a time that fits in amongst their medical commitments.


These events typically also include significant transitions, detailed slide content and videos – lucky our platform supports all of these.


Why not get in touch to discuss your next medical webcast – we’re sure our expert team can help. We’ve been delivering medical training for over a decade.