Webinars and Webcasts – more than meets the eye!

By Caroline Fox, Business Development Manager

OK, so I’ve been at streamGo about five months now, and I’m not going to lie: there is a lot more to learn about webinars and webcasts than I ever realised! I have worked for businesses which use webinars, and I have also attended webinars myself, so this wasn’t a totally new concept to me but I, probably like most people, thought it was just a case of getting the video or presentation onto the web, and then sit back to reap the rewards… I was wrong. Here are the things I have so far:

1) The quality of technology behind online events can vary hugely, and people can be very complacent about this! If you’re running an online event using a screen-share style solution and your office internet goes down, your event dies with it (disaster!). If you’ve gone to the trouble to prepare all of this great content, it should be priority one to make sure it actually gets delivered. Our dedicated event producers and back-up systems mean you never have to worry about losing an event to technology failures.

2) The success (or failure) of a webcast or webinar can be influenced long before the event itself, by the marketing and promotion it receives. Much like “If a tree falls in the woods and there’s no-one there to hear it, does it make a sound?”, if you spend weeks preparing great content for an online event and no-one turns up to see it, was it a webinar at all? streamGo work closely with our clients in the preparation of any event to maximise success, from planning an appropriate timeline and branding the registration and event pages (to the best degree with our unique approach Branding+ – https://streamgo.co.uk/platform/brandingplus), to ensuring attendees can download calendar reminders.

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3) Following on from the above, if your event generates a ton of interest, but then your attendees can’t view the event itself without downloading apps or plug-ins, you stand to lose a lot of the interest you have generated to people’s natural desire for ease of access. streamGo’s events are accessible on any device, without the need to download or install any additional software or apps. Even better, we then stream in multi-bitrate, so even if you’re watching on a mobile device from the middle of nowhere, you can choose a lower resolution to allow you to watch without the dreaded buffering.

4) Ease of use makes everyone happier! Let’s be honest – running a webcast or webinar will always come with a healthy dose of stress, but there’s so much we can do to alleviate most of this for our clients. If you have a nervous or first-time presenter then consider a pre-recorded (also know as “simu-live”) webinar to give them peace of mind, and just add live Q&A at the close to keep it engaging. Stick with the familiar – most presenters will have used or prepared with Powerpoint presenter view, and yet most solutions don’t incorporate this into their platform. With presentGo from streamGo (https://streamgo.co.uk/platform/presentgo), your presenter can leverage the full power of presenter view, including notes and laser pens, within the event, making everyone feel a lot more at home.

5) What if things go wrong? When you’re working with streamGo, even if unexpected technical or presentational challenges do arise, you’re not alone! We assign every client a dedicated event producer who will be introduced when you join us, and will be on hand to advise, support and assist at all stages of the event. Isn’t that nice to know?!

6) Now what? OK, so you ran a great webinar/webcast, plenty of people registered, then attended the live event, and everything went off without a hitch. Fantastic! But that in itself doesn’t necessarily equal a successful event… you need to know more about how engaged your attendees were, whether they asked questions, and usually most importantly, how do you build on this engagement to generate the desired outcome (e.g. a new customer, a repeat sale, proven knowledge transfer etc.)? Our platform at streamGo tracks all of the critical metrics of each event, both the live and on-demand aspects, to allow you to evaluate and build on the event. Question reports let you go back and engage on a 1-2-1 level with those who were most interactive. Live polling allows you to evidence attendee understanding of the subject matter. Feedback questionnaires can be used to garner valuable insight as to how your attendees found the event as a whole.

These are just a few of the key learnings from my first few months here at streamGo, and I fully expect I will continue to learn as we enter our busiest season for events! Trust me when I say that there is a lot more to running a successful webcast or webinar than meets the eye!

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Webinars and Webcasts – more than meets the eye!
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Webinars and Webcasts – more than meets the eye!
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