What does Facebook Live mean for your webcasts?

Facebook announces live streaming for everyone – but what does that mean for your business and your live webcasts and webinars?

It was back in 2015 that Facebook stated their users were watching over 3 billion videos every day, a number which will have almost doubled by now and Mark Zuckerberg predicted that by 2020 Facebook would be “mostly video”. Facebook’s strategy, like most businesses, is to harness online video so they’ve invested significant resource in making it easy.

Cue Facebook live.

The new service allows anyone or any company page to live stream from mobile, notifying followers on Facebook of the stream direct to their mobile device. Great, you might think, an easier way to reach your customers and to live webcast, but let’s explore the options.

First, we need to think about who we’re trying to reach and what messaging you want to portray. Users on Facebook tend to be consumers rather than other businesses – are these the customers your brand is trying to attract?

…users make snap decisions

Facebook users (even professionals) act like consumers, they engage with content different in their personal social channels than when they are watching content professionally.

They tend to have a very short attention span and need captivating, engaging, well-produced content view for longer than a few moments. They make snap decisions; if to spend their free time watching content or getting on with their day.

This means any content on Facebook needs to be high quality and usually that doesn’t come from a mobile phone – the video will be shaky, the sound poor and it’ll usually only contain one presenter talking at the audience. Consumers are happy to see mobile phone video on the news or snap chats between friends but when they’re dealing with global brands they expect to see slick high production, TV style video.

no live stats

We also need to consider how this live stream is monetised and tracked – with no live reporting system, it’s hard to see how many users watched your Facebook live stream, how long they watched for and if they were engaged and you have no method of directly contacting them again!

This doesn’t mean don’t live stream to Facebook,

it just requires careful consideration.

Most B2B content is more suited to live webcasting. This means high quality, professional produced multi-camera video alongside a platform that registers users, provides reminder emails, tracks attendance, viewing durations and engagement with all this data ready to import straight into your CRM.

run a Facebook Live trailer

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t utilise your social channels to build an even bigger audience – consider running a live webcast alongside a Facebook live. If you’ve not managed to reach the audience with your marketing campaign so they register for your event then you might as well engage additional audience members (untracked) on Facebook live too.

Another nice alternative is streaming a “we will start soon, register below” live message 15 minutes before your event as a brief preview and introduction to your content, a live trailer from your presenters previewing the webcast. This can drive up attendance and get users talking about your content.

(Whoops, wrong trailer image 🙁

Luckily, streamGo can help with live webcasting harnessing our enterprise platform and experienced production team or produce high quality multi-camera video and stream straight to Facebook live and our own platform.

Whatever you decide is best for your brand, we can help, and as always our tech team are on hand to discuss and provide any free advice you need for your online events – just get in touch.

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