Who supports your online audience?

It’s inevitable, the less tech savvy attendee can have trouble viewing, and need a helping hand to get them successfully watching.

StreamGo are one of the leading online event providers and every event gets attendee text support. The widget appears at the bottom of the event page and users can gain live support from one of our experienced customer support agents.

We’ve ranked the top tech support questions below.

  1. “I can’t hear anything” – 95% of the time they have their speakers turned off or their headphones not fully plugged in. SOLVED!
  2. “I can’t access the event page” – 90% of the time the user hasn’t registered and has been sent the link from a friend. We simply direct them to the reg page and they go on to successfully watch. SOLVED!
  3. “I can’t watch the event live, I don’t have time” – the easiest problem to fix. Our team advise the event will be available at the same URL soon to watch on-demand. SOLVED!

This is just one of the reasons to trust your online event to StreamGo, the streaming and online event experts. Get in touch to discuss your next event.