The streamGo Platform

Our cutting-edge enterprise platform makes delivering slick, professional webcasts and webinars easy.

streamGo’s world-class platform makes it easy to put on an event that’s a cut above the competition. Our exclusive services like PresentGo and Branding+ put you in control of how your audience experiences your event, while our intuitive dashboard provides all the data, reports and analytics you could ever need.

The revolutionary PresentGo

PresentGo makes presenting your webinar easy. Get full PowerPoint control alongside polls, presenter chat and question moderation, all in one simple, easy to use dashboard.

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Our Branding+ service

Make sure your brand is front and centre with StreamGo’s Branding+. Totally customize your branding and embed your webcast and webinar events directly into your site.

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Comprehensive support

StreamGo’s expert webinar and webcast producers provide full support for your online event, taking care of all things technical so you can focus on content.

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In-depth reporting

streamGo’s comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard allows you to pull reports, draw out data and demonstrate the impact and ROI on your webinar or webcast.

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