Complete customisation with Branding+

Make your online event stand out with powerful customisation tools that put your brand front and centre.

Our Branding+ suite lets you take control of your webinar or webcast’s branding.

Other platforms offer limited branding options. However, we understand that your brand experience goes far beyond your logo and colour scheme, so we’ve created a comprehensive suite of tools to allow you to completely customise your webinar or webcast experience for your audience.

How does Branding+ work?

Branding+ is indistinguishable from your website branding

Our design team take your company website and create a template that looks exactly like a page from your own site. We can ensure custom URLs generate long-term SEO benefits, if you want a webinar or webcast to be available to the public after an event.

We can even incorporate any menu you have in the header and footer of your website, so nobody is ever more than a click away from your homepage or a landing page of your choice.

Your audience won’t even know they’ve left your website!

Our platform accepts custom HTML and CSS coding, so we can create and send emails to your attendees formatted to your specifications. Our standard template is a great starting point; at a minimum, you can change logos and colours to match your website. Alternatively, you can use the same code from your own email marketing to create an entirely consistent brand experience.

Branding+ also ensures your emails appear to come from an internal account, or even directly from yourself or a member of the team. 

Plus: want to extend the shelf-life of your webinar?

With Branding+, you can embed your webinar on your website or landing page so attendees can continue to sign up and view your content long after the original broadcast is over. Generate long-term leads and web traffic by turning a one-of event into a long-term lead generator.

Embedded in your site

Our unique, professionally produced online events can be embedded into your website with ease – with comprehensive analytics and reporting included as standard.

Visitors sign-in once

People wanting to view and take part in a webinar and webcast shouldn’t have to enter their details more than once. After registering with the streamGo platform, signing into the event is automatic. You still get all of the data and analytics, and maintain your compliance with data protection and GDPR, without inconveniencing those who’ve taken the time to sign-up and participate.

SEO friendly content and domains

Our URLs don’t need random digits or computer codes – just simple words that are easy for search engines such as It’s that easy when you use Branding+, and comes with long-term SEO benefits.

Your website, your domain

Brands don’t benefit as much from events hosted on third-party sites and domains. We can support webinars and webcasts using a subdomain (i.e. to host all your events in a single place on your own website.

Brands we have worked with:

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