Maintaining your brand integrity is so important!

That’s why we don’t just offer the odd accent colour or logo change – we offer Branding+.

Embedded in your site

Our unique online events can be embedded in your site with ease – with the full power of our analytics and reporting.

Single Sign On

You know who your visitors are so why make them re-enter all their information to register or view your online event? The simple answer – you shouldn’t – we support single sign on from your website so with one click your user can access the event without re-registering. Don’t worry, we still have all the data to provide you full analytics on every part of their viewing and movements.

Your Domain

Why should a user leave your domain to attend your online event? The answer is – they shouldn’t! We can support using a subdomain (i.e. for all your events.

SEO friendly URLS

Our URLs don’t need random digits or computer codes – just simple words that are easy for search engines such as It’s easy when you use Branding+

How does streamGo’s branding+ work?

Your Email, Your Way, Sent by You!

Like with our templates we don’t just throw your logo on an email and call it custom, we go beyond that. Our platform accepts HTML and CSS coding so you can have your email any way you want it.

Our standard template is a great starting point, you can simply add in a logo and change the colours to match your website. Alternatively you can use the same code you use in your own email marketing to create an entirely bespoke experience.

To top it off you can set the sender email address, so the email appears to come from your in house system or even directly from you. All combined with enterprise reports (obviously!)

Our design team take your company website and create a template that looks exactly like a page from your own site.

Furthermore we will incorporate any menu you have in the header and footer of your website, so nobody is ever more than a click away from your homepage.

The best part is, they won’t even know they’ve left your website!

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