PresentGo Enterprise Webinar Presenter Dashboard

Effortlessly mange your webinar or live streaming event with our powerful and easy-to-use dashboard.

PresentGo gives you all the tools you need to easily deliver a slick, professional looking webinar or webcast. PresentGo allows you to upload PowerPoint presentations with support for all the content you need, such as embedded videos, custom fonts, transitions and presenter notes. What more could you need?

During your presentation, all the features you need are at your fingertips. Handy tabs on the right hand side of the console give you full control with no scrolling or switching between windows. Simple Q&A management, VOIP, webcam and live polls all help to keep your audience engaged.

If you’re worried about presenting live, PresentGo also allows you to pre-record and edit your presentation content to guarantee perfect delivery, leaving you free to focus on answering questions during a webcast, webinar or live streaming event.

Videos welcome!

We are one of the only platforms to support video in your slide content. If it works in PowerPoint it works on our platform.

Easy to use tabs

All the features you need are at your fingertips. Handy tabs on the right hand side of the console give you all the control you need, with no scrolling or switching.

PowerPoint as it should be

PresentGo supports all the features you’d expect to use in PowerPoint, like transitions, embedded videos and even your presenter notes, by default. No need to spend hours manually uploading elements – it’s all ready to go.

All-in-one console

An all in one dashboard with everything you need to present your event, with no need for plugins or navigating between windows.

Features and Controls

Dial in from anywhere

It’s easy for webinar presenters to dial-in from anywhere in the world using VOIP. This means no third-party platforms, no external sites, and often better audio quality than using a phone.
Simply click Connect, and your presenters can dial through to the appropriate conference bridge – our support team will set everything up. Webinar attendees can access your content via their laptops, tablets or phone speakers, no matter where they are in the world.

Easy Q&A management

Viewer and attendee questions appear in the PresentGo console in real-time, so you can respond without taking your eye off the audience.
At any time during the presentation, presenters can moderate questions, change their order, pin them as priority questions, or add pre-prepared questions. Our platform makes managing and moderating questions in real-time as easy as answering emails, so you can keep your audience engaged with your presentation.

Built-in backups

Our platform is resilient and powerful. Webinars and webcasts are delivered to audiences through the world’s most reliable content delivery network. If anything goes wrong – which is very rare – we have backups for every part of the console which can be activated in seconds. Nothing is left to chance, so we can ensure your event runs smoothly with no technical hiccups.

Real time reporting

Know how successful your events are as they’re happening. See real-time stats on everything from viewing numbers to engagement levels, and understand in real time how your audience is interacting with your presentation.

Presenter communications

Our console allows you to communicate via chat with other presenters during a live event, to ensure that crucial messages to presenters and others working behind the scenes don’t get missed.

Polls and surveys

Easily run real-time polls and surveys to encourage audience participation, even from users who don’t want to ask questions. By actively involving your audience in your presentation, you can keep their attention and ensure that they’re actively engaged in your event from start to finish.

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