Videos welcome!

We are one of the only platforms to support video in your slide content. If it works in PowerPoint it works on our platform.

Easy to use tabs

All the features you need are a fingertip away. Handy tabs on the right hand side of the console give you all the control you need, with no scrolling or switching.

PowerPoint – As it should be

We don’t load your presentation in a way that will change things. It appears exactly as it does in PowerPoint – notes and all.


An all in one dashboard with everything you need to present your event. No need for plugins or navigating between windows.

Features and Controls


Dial in using VOIP. No third parties, no external sites. Simply click Connect and you will be dialled into the appropriate conference bridge. VOIP uses your computer microphone so sound is much better than telephone audio (of course phones can be used too!)

Group Presenter Chat

Our console allows you to communicate via chat while the event is ongoing.


View attendee questions in real time, without moving to another webpage or opening a new window.

Toggle your control

If you aren’t presenting but you’re still logged in, you can turn of your control of the console, so no risk of you advancing slides unintentionally


Ask poll questions and get poll results at your fingertips.

Full resilience

Backups for every part of the console, activated in seconds – nothing is left to chance for your important event and attendees.

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