Our Comprehensive Support Package

When you run a webinar or webcast using streamGo, you get support you can depend on - our expert team will handle every detail to make your event run smoothly.

Running an online event involves a lot of organisation. You need to sign-up speakers, promote and market it, encourage people to set aside time to watch and participate, then follow-up and report back to managers.

Wouldn’t it be great if the tech side of things just worked?

We think so.

When running an event with streamGo, our superstar team of experienced professionals takes away the pressure and technical stress with our comprehensive managed service package. 

As expert producers, our managed services team can handle the unexpected challenges of live events. We can set everything up, from registration pages to automated emails, and maintain support throughout your event and afterwords, leaving you free to concentrate on your audience and your content.

There’s no need for an online event to be painful and stressful; our team are experts in making things simple for you.

Page and email setup

Our team can create your event registration landing pages and automated emails, while our Branding+ service ensures everything is perfectly on-brand.

Event preparation

If you’re running a live webcast, our team will handle all the on-site technical setup and managing the video and broadcast teams. They’ll also work with your presenters to help them prepare for your webinar or webcast, and provide advice and support on promoting your event.

Real time technical backup

While your event is happening, our technical team will be on hand in real time, monitoring the system to ensure that everything is working, and addressing any (very rare) technical issues within seconds.

Follow-up and reporting

Once your event is over, our team can support with advice for how best to follow up on leads and prospects, as well as how to measure the ROI of your event. They’ll also be on hand to provide handy insights for how to improve future webinars or webcasts.

Why not get in touch to discuss your next event?