Your Events Are Getting An Upgrade For 2021

Find out what the upgrade will mean for your events.

Your events are getting an upgrade, and you don’t need to lift a finger.

New for 2021, your events can be customised even more, using a webcam will be stress-free for presenters and you’ll have more insight on each attendee.

Excitingly, you’ve got a whole lot more coming your way in 2021.


Here’s what’s new in your first upgrade…

event upgrade
project upgrade

Lightning Quick Reports

Accessing your event reports is now fast. And we mean fast. You’ll now be able to see who’s registered, who’s watched which session or visited which sponsor booth and launch your post-event campaigns as soon as your event ends. 

While we were in there, we’ve done a spot of dusting and tidying up so that it’s simpler to find your key event data.

new user detail report

Detailed User Journey Reports

Sometimes, well okay, most of the time, you just need the detail. We’re here to tell you; it’s all yours.

The detail in our new user journey reports can help you to discover what your VIP attendees watched to influence a personalised conversation after the event. It can help you compile a list of your most engaged contacts for your follow-up campaigns. You’ve now got the detail to help make your event a success long after the final session. 

Focus on each registrant to see a whole range of information, including;

  • Which events they attended.
  • How long they watched each session for.
  • How many questions they asked.
  • What part of the session(s) sparked their question.
  • Their engagement level across your events.
temenos event
DTG 3D sponsor hall
TikTok virtual event

Greater Event Customisation

Our branded and bespoke events have been a great fit for our clients, but 2020 showed us just how innovative event organisers can be.

As a result, your event pages will now be able to flex to pretty much whatever you need.

HRD masterclass with webcam

Webcams Are Dead. Long Live Webcams

At the start of 2020 only 5% of client online events used webcams, by the end of the year it’s 95%.

We quickly upgraded our webcam capabilities during the year, and it’s getting a refresh for 2021.

Your new webcam setup will help presenters confidently focus on their content, without having to struggle to read their slides, or see if the ironing board is in shot.

Salesforce engagement data

Simple Salesforce Sync

We’ve got to admit our previous integration with Salesforce was a little, how do we put this… involved. So we’ve now made it really easy to link Salesforce and streamGo.

We give you a link to verify the sync and then you’ll set up a few fields in Salesforce and it’s done.

Your integration will now automatically sync registration and attendee details from your streamGo event to Salesforce. Visit our Salesforce page for more information on what this integration can do.

new features even quicker

More Improvements, More Quickly

In 2021 we can develop faster than ever before. Updating the code in the background will free up our engineers to regularly develop, test and release new features to help make your events even more engaging. 


Want a sneak peak at what we’re already working on for release in early 2021? Thought so.

  • discoverGo – making your on-demand event content searchable. More information >>
  • Accept registrations with LinkedIn
  • Improved HubSpot integration
  • View attendee device and geo-location details
  • And many, many more improvements

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