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webinar design guide


The Webinar Design Guide

Over 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created every day. But, not all slides are created equal.

That’s why we have created The Webinar Design Guide. We have carefully selected slides from our client webinars to showcase key elements you should use to make sure your message sticks.

Download your copy and start designing slides to engage your audience today.

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image showing benefits of using hubspot Articles

How To Use HubSpot To Generate More Leads From Your Webinars

Webinars are one of the most effective lead generation tactics around. But often, marketers running a webinar strategy have to deal with different systems to execute the promotion, delivery and…
image showing webinar decision Articles

How To Choose A Webinar Provider

Webinars are an ever increasing medium, with over 60% of companies using them as a part of their content marketing strategy. With this being said, the number of webinar providers…
image showing webinars vs webcasts Articles

Webinars and Webcasts: What Are They And What’s The Difference?

New to the world of video events? Using video formats like webinars and webcasts is a fantastic way to communicate information in a convenient, accessible and engaging fashion. Video content’s…


Download The Ultimate Guide For Live Stream Managers eBooks
January 23, 2020

eBook | The Ultimate Guide For Live Stream Event Managers

In this eBook, we will outline the benefits of live streaming conferences, pitfalls to avoid, and key actions and features to use to guarantee a professional result. Webcasting's impact on…
December 11, 2019

eBook | The Webinar Design Guide

The Webinar Design Guide Webinars are a powerful method to engage an audience with your message. They provide the opportunity to use video, images and data visualisation to help viewers…
The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Successful Live Event Stream eBooks
December 11, 2019

eBook | The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Successful Live Event Stream

In this free eBook, we give you insider tips, tricks and ideas to make your next webinar or webcast a success. Topics covered include: Prepare and practice. Create awesome content.…
Download Webinar ROI Masterclass eBooks
November 12, 2019

eBook | Webinar ROI Masterclass

In this eBook, we give you an in-depth guide on how to use a webinar to generate ROI, whether your objective is to... Win new customers. Engage stakeholders. Deliver engaging…
November 12, 2019

eBook | Why Should I Live Stream My Event?

In this eBook, we’ll explain how online broadcasting can help your business, how to do it and what to watch out for. Attract a whole new audience. Generate extra sponsorship.…


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Remote Control Podcast

Remote Control

How is remote working changing internal communications?

In this podcast mini-series, Internal Comms leaders discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the profession as more and more of the workforce goes remote.

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