Ultimate Guide for Live Stream Event Managers

How brands can maximise ROI and avoid pitfalls when webcasting conferences

Maximise Return On Investment and avoid pitfalls when you live stream conferences to reach a wider audience and improve engagement

Video is one of the most accessible and easy to consume mediums available. Recent figures show that on average, adults watch 5.5 hours of video per day, while 75% of executives and director-level professionals watch at least one work-related video each week.

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In this eBook, we will outline the benefits of live streaming conferences, pitfalls to avoid, and key actions and features to use to guarantee a professional result.

With the best will in the world, only a small percentage of those who want to attend your conference actually can. Webcasting converts the brilliant content you’ve planned for your conference into a medium that is popular, easy to consume and accessible wherever there’s an internet connection.

Use footage of your conference as video-on-demand, or to support your brand’s messaging and marketing.
Use this year’s conference to promote next year’s – Research shows that up to 67% of those who watch online one year will attend in-person the next.
Combine the power of social media and search engines with the universal accessibility of video as a live and on-demand medium to increase your audience from the hundreds into the thousands.

With over ten years’ experience producing live stream events for global brands, FTSE100 companies, and numerous other brands and businesses, we know a thing or two about how to maximise every opportunity to reach and engage a wider audience.

Key takeaways from this eBook:

Webcasting’s impact on conference performance

This section deals with common concerns such as how webcasting will affect in-person attendance, and how you can use webcasting to future-proof your conference and engage the audience you never knew you had.

What Can Go Wrong: And How to Prevent Disaster

A guide on the most common mistakes and difficulties webcast organisers face, and practical advice on how to prevent them.

Promoting Your Event: In-depth Guide for Conference Webcasts

A step-by-step guide on how to raise awareness of your event, how to excite potential attendees and how to keep them engaged with your brand after the event.
Plus an outline of the benefits of webcasts for multiple stakeholders, including sponsors, viewers and hosts.

On the Day: Avoiding Common Webcast Pitfalls

An easy to follow guide on the most common technical pitfalls and how to avoid them and areas that can go wrong with presentation delivery.

How to guarantee a professional result from your conference webcast

A comprehensive guide on webcasting elements to consider in order to enhance your webcast and ensure a high quality experience.

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