Why Should I Broadcast My Conference Online?

How and why brands can benefit from live stream conference webcasts.

Increase your conference audience and ROI with a live streaming webcast.

Around 1.3 million business events take place every year, with the industry worth around £20 billion to the UK economy.

Conferences are great platforms to showcase a company’s services, products and ethos, and they’re also popular with sponsors and advertisers due to the potential reach of a well-attended event.

For attendees, conferences provide opportunities to hear respected speakers present on a subject they are invested in and engaged with, the chance to share new ideas and receive valuable training, not to mention the networking and self-promotional opportunities.

However, for numerous reasons – time, money, personal reasons, schedule conflicts – not everyone who wants to attend will turn up.

An online webcast opens your event up to those who can’t be there in person.

With webcasting, audience members who are unable to make it to your event in person can still watch keynote speakers, influencer panels and engage in other features in much the same way as they would in person.

By making your event available online, you can attract a whole new audience and expose your brand and your sponsors to more people than ever before. This takes you from working within the confines of a venue to having a potentially huge new revenue stream that increases long-term ROI.

In this eBook, we will outline the brand benefits, long-term impact, how brands can avoid downside risk and cover the basics of how to promote and manage your online event successfully.

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With over ten years’ experience producing conference webcasts for global brands, FTSE100 companies, and numerous other businesses, we know a thing or two about how to maximise every opportunity to reach and engage a wider audience.

In This eBook, We Will Cover the Following:

Conference Webcasting: How Brands Benefit

  • Generating revenue using webcasting through a number of different channels
  • How your webcast can continue to drive traffic and revenue long after the event.
  • Measuring the Impact – How to use webcasting to analyse and report on the success of your event.

Conference Webcasting: Risks and Concerns

  • Will filming a webcast impact on the conference?
  • Will webcasting the conference deter in-person attendees?

Conference Webcasting: How it Works

  • Content Planning – how to maximise the potential of your conference webcast with careful planning of online content.
  • Marketing: before, during and after – how to generate interest and create a buzz around your event.
  • Choosing the Right Platform – what to look for and what to avoid when choosing your webcasting platform.

Product launches, Internal executive communications, investor relations, conferences and panel debates are all ideal uses for webcasts. Extend the global reach of your event, and engage your audience, allowing them to ask questions live. All while capturing valuable lead information, viewing time, clicks and engagement with detailed reporting.

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