Professional Services

The UK’s financial and professional related professional services sector employs 7.3% of the UK’s working population and continues to grow as we transition into becoming a fully-fledged service economy. That’s 2.2 million people and counting! With so many service professionals working in the sector being spread between offices around the UK, maintaining effective internal communications is always going to be a little tricky.
As the sector has grown, we’ve been approached by an increasing number of professional service providers, all seeking an effective solution to their multifaceted internal communications needs. In our opinion, there’s no solution to this growing issue more effective than webinars and webcasts.
“Professional Services are the life and soul of the UK economy and have driven our economic recovery since the crash in 2008. They also count for a large proportion of our client base!”
Caroline Oswald, Head of Business Development
What can streamGo do for you?
From large financial service providers to Law Firms and Management Consultancies, we’ve had the pleasure of providing webinars and webcasts to a wide array of professional service providers, and we’re always excited to engage in projects with new clients in the sector.
Over the past few years, we’ve gained substantial experience in delivering events for professional service providers- both large and small. Not only have we learnt a hell of a lot about the law, finance and insurance, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what features to include in our client’s webinars and webcasts too.
So whether our clients need us to webcast a CPD training event, or stream a conference presented by a senior director to thousands of employees around the world, it’s no problem to us.
We pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate for the individual specifications of almost all of our prospective and existing clients. And if on the odd occasion we can’t, we’ll always go out of our way to find the next best alternative.

Even though we’re always busy making sure our platform’s the cream of the crop, looking after both our new and existing clients is of equal importance to us. We aim to build strong relationships with all our clients, providing them with a bespoke and personalised service that ensures their online event is orchestrated exactly how they initially requested.
Hermes were searching for a way to provide training to a large number of their employees and also a medium through which they could broadcast their marketing update company-wide. streamGo resolved the issue by running multiple webcasts and broadcasting both events online to all of the company’s employees.
StreamGo worked with Insurance giant Euler Hermes to film and broadcast their ‘town hall’ internal communication event to all their UK employees. Prior to streamGo’s involvement, Euler Hermes found it difficult to broadcast such events to large numbers of employees spread across the UK and abroad.
Global commercial real estate services provider, Colliers, engaged with streamGo to provide them with a webcasting solution that would enable them to efficiently train and provide CPD training to a large number of their employees.

Tailor-Made for professional service providers

1. Access Control allows your organisation to control who get’s to view to conference or webinar. This is vital if the content of the event is confidential.

2. On Demand allows anyone unable to attend the event in person to spectate online to watch the event at a time that’s suited to them. A bit like the ‘Catch Up’ feature on your TV.

3. Webcasts can be used to efficiently provide essential CPD training to large numbers of employees at a low cost.

4. Webcasts can be used to broadcast company events and updates to a large number of employees who unfortunately weren’t able to attend the actual event in-person.

5. Live polling and Q&A features can be embedded into webcasts which opens up channels of communication between less senior employees and executives- An opportunity they previously may never been presented with.

“I wouldn’t want to run another webinar without them.”
Robbie Lang, Project Manager at Synergy Medical Education

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