High quality audio content helps brands to engage an audience via a popular and alternative medium.

Share professional, crisp and seamless podcasts with your audience


Podcasts are one of the most popular ways that modern audiences consume content. Due to their easy, “hands free” format, podcasts are becoming increasingly popular with commuters and those who otherwise wouldn’t have time to read or view content. They’re particularly popular with busy professionals.

Due to their popularity, there are thousands of different podcasts for listeners to choose from, which is why it’s important to ensure your brand is putting out a high-quality audio product. As well as engaging, interesting and relevant content, listeners expect professionalism, and will soon switch off if the sound quality is poor, the levels are unbalanced, or the stutters and re-takes are not seamlessly edited out.

That’s where the streamGo team steps in. As an experienced podcast producer, we will guide your presenters through the whole process, ensuring crisp recordings, seamless editing and professionally polished podcasts, ready to publish.

Why run podcasts?


Quick and simple to produce, podcasts are an ideal way to reach your target audience without demanding too much of their time.

They’re an effective communication tool for publishers, big brands, industry professionals and internal communications.

Greater reach

For those who find reading content inconvenient or are unable to give their attention to videos or text, podcasts are the ideal solution. Making them available online means they’re accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Cost effective

Podcasts are very quick to record and produce, therefore making them a cost effective method of delivering content and engaging your audience. Podcasts are easy for presenters to record and are convenient for listeners.

Brand awareness

Podcasts help to build your brand awareness through a unique and additional channel of content. Podcasts lend themselves to an informal discussion style – ideal for getting key messages across without the ‘hard sell’.

The streamGo difference

High quality audio

We record podcasts using our enterprise leading platform (the same one we use for webinars) using VOIP (Voice over IP) or telephone audio (depending on which is the most convenient for the presenter). Our audio is always recorded digitally, and the results are unfailingly crystal clear.

Perfectly edited

All presenters make errors and need to re-take every now and then – that’s why our team listen to every podcast we produce and edit out any mistakes. If it’s necessary to carry out recordings with different presenters at different times, we seamlessly edit the content together.

Easy podcasts with streamGo

Without the proper expertise and equipment, recording and editing podcasts can be frustrating and difficult. Let our team of expert podcast producers manage the process for you.

Fully Manged Service

Our team look after all the technical stuff (recording, editing, sound checks) so all you need to think about is the content – it couldn’t be easier.

Dedicated Tech Team

You’ll have a dedicated expert to help you throughout the whole process, so you can email or call them whenever you like for help, advice or a pep talk!

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