With the publishing industry becoming increasingly digitalised, we've been helping publishers produce webinars and other content for their subscribers to enjoy online.


Following the digital gold rush of the early 2000’s, modern day publishers are no longer bound to paper and ink. Powered by evolving consumer habits and technological advancements, the publishing industry and many alike have experienced a surge in demand for digitalisation across all areas of their operation. In response to evolving market conditions, not only have most publishers responded by publishing their content online for their paying subscribers to view, they are also incorporating webinars into their subscription package. Here at streamGo, we’re thrilled the publishing sector is going digital.

“Including webinars and video content in magazine subscriptions is a great way to attract new subscribers and generally make your content more exciting!”

Ben Mustoe, Webinar Producer

The Benefits of Webinars

  • Increased revenue and enhanced subscriber loyalty

  • Sponsors get access to high-quality leads and their brand and content in front of targeted segments

  • Subscribers/attendees get more content focussed on their interests from a publication

  • Webinars are great for scientific publications where all presenters are remote.

  • Webcasts from a studio can add enhanced viewing time as audience engage more with video and are excellent for panel discussions and debates which suits some publications and content better.

Features to suit the Publishing Industry

  • Enterprise Self-Service allows our clients to take control of their webinar and orchestrate it themselves.

  • Advanced Branding allows clients to fully immerse their webinar or webcast into the branding of their own website at the brand URL.

  • Our easy to use platform allows for quick changes, easy to learn and navigate with full customisation.

  • Expert Support – streamGo monitor every webinar and webcast ensuring there is no technical issues or outages.

  • Advanced Support for Presentations – Slides, animations, videos are all honoured as exactly as they are in PowerPoint.

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How Would It Work?

  1. The event’s sponsors would usually present on the webinar.

  2. The event’s sponsors would also usually receive the leads and sign-up data, providing them with a valuable insight into a specific segment of their target market.

  3. The Webinars will generate revenue by adding value to the publisher’s subscription package from both the sale of their subscription to consumers and through the sponsorship of the event.

Case Study: Incisive Media

Incisive Media are a global business publisher with well-established brands. Incisive Media utilise the power of the streamGo platform along with our enterprise support to run semi-managed webinars and webcasts from their London, New York and Hong Kong offices and studios to truly global attendees.

They run a range of live video webcasts and presentation-based webinars for their subscribers. Sponsorship provides an excellent revenue stream for Incisive, and the advanced reports available from the streamGo platform allow tracking and lead scoring of attendees.

Read the full case study here.

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