Conference Webcasting

Extend the geographic reach of your conference while
generating new leads for you and your sponsors

We webcast conferences for all sorts of industries.

Our specialist webcast producers manage the entire online event from registration process through to live stream. Your event lives on with on-demand content of every conference session.

We’ve filmed hundreds of events so we know how to mitigate the various risks and challenges to ensure your webcast always delivers to thousands of online attendees without any hitches.

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Full production or remote management

Our webcast producers can look after as much or as little of your conference webcast as you need.
We can manage full multi-camera filming and streaming or if you have an existing video team we can take a feed and stream the event on-site.
For more advanced AV users we send a pre-configured encoding box (right) to your AV team and manage the encoding remotely.

With any solution our team take away all the complexities.

Quick on-demands

We know that not all your viewers can tune in live.
That’s why we turn your on-demand asset around as quickly as possible meaning late attendees can start watching your conference from the beginning. Ideal for extending the timezone coverage of your event.

News and magazine programmes

Sometimes it’s not necessary to stream your entire conference programme live online but it’s always useful to drive interest and social engagement.
We can produce an online only news programme featuring interviews with speakers, highlights from your keynote sessions, vox-pops, highlights from the exhibition and additional exclusive content.
This looks and feels just like a programme you watch on the TV and is an excellent supplement to your conference for both physical and online attendees.
It’s an ideal sponsorship opportunity which can drive leads and be commercially successful.

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