Internal Communications

Our team have over a decade of experience producing
high quality corporate messaging and online events for global brands.

Webcasts offer a method of communication for organisations

that both engages and motivates staff.

Live moderated online Q&A from your staff empowers them to ask questions without peer pressure meaning everyone can interact.

Live video from your leadership team delivering annual results, company news or restructuring means that staff all receive the news at the same time.

Internal communications webcasts require a specialist skill set

Luckily, our team have been working with leaders of global brands for over a decade so they know just how to relax a CEO

while also having extensive networking and video production skills to ensure your event is delivered to every employee.

A word from Pentland Brands…

Learn how Pentland Brands work with StreamGo to produce quarterly internal communications webcasts.

Enterprise Security

The most important part of your webcast – our platform supports white and blacklisting by domain and IP at a moment’s notice. Our registration and pass-code control allows only users with access to email to access your event securely.

Network Checks

We recognise that corporate IT infrastructure varies significantly between organisations. Our team work closely with your network and ICT teams to provide a bespoke solution for all your geographical offices and sites with individual streams configured for sites with low bandwidth.

Over a decade of experience

Our team have been producing corporate communications for FTSE 100 companies for over a decade. We appreciate the sensitivity and flexibility needed when working with leaders of your business, which means you can relax that your communication is in safe hands.

Dedicated Team

We recognise the complexity of internal communications so you’ll always have the same team deliver your event every time. Our smaller dedicated team approach means we’re able to help you react to business critical situations. We’ve supported several organisations during times of organisational crisis to deliver key messaging to their global workforce.

Our team have produced Internal Communications events for

Finally a solution your IT team will love…

Our enterprise platform enables all your staff to watch at their desks reducing Internet bandwidth for streaming by up to 93%.

It may sound complicated but our internal comms specialists make it child’s play – with our ReStream technology.

It’s simple – we use your own network to stream amongst your own employees.

Don’t worry – there’s no installs, apps, or network config required by your IT team – ReStream just works. Our animation shows how it works.

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