Why use Webcasts?

The engaging way to communicate with your audience.
Video captures attention, drives interest and keeps viewers watching.


The average adult consumes 5.5 hours of video per day. They expect video in your marketing campaign.

Global Reach

Webcasts make your physical event global with audiences dispersed worldwide.

Engaged Audiences

Video engages audiences so they watch for longer and consume more of your valuable content.

Endless possibilities

Live like TV the possibilities are endless – engaging TV style programmes for your brand and content.

Metrics and Reports

Track your viewers activity, duration and engagement.

Live Q&A

Let your online audience interact with live questions.

Marketers use video


Execs would rather watch video than read text


Execs watch work-related video each week


Buying journey is realised through consuming content


Engaged viewers click through to other content


Product launches, Internal executive communications, investor relations, conferences and panel debates are all ideal uses for webcasts.


Extend the global reach of your event, and engage your audience, allowing them to ask questions live. All while capturing valuable lead information, viewing time, clicks and engagement with detailed reporting.

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