Webinars create a stronger connection between brands and audiences. Build brand loyalty and turn customers into fans and brand advocates.

Deliver slick webinars that drive results for your brand.

Whether you want to generate leads, train staff or communicate with customers, webinars can make it easy to connect your brand with audiences across the world.

Whoever you’re trying to reach with your webinar, streamGo’s cutting-edge features make it easy to deliver slick, interactive webinars that present your brand at its very best. Powerful features make it easy to plan, market and deliver branded, interactive webinars, and our fully managed service puts your event in expert hands from start to finish, so it goes off without a hitch.

Why run webinars?

Webinars are consistently proving themselves as the most cost-effective lead generation method for marketing and sales teams, as well as helping to build brand advocacy and generate engagement.

Build global reach

Reach new markets, audiences and customers. Presenters can broadcast and interact with audiences from anywhere in the world, with the benefit of our dedicated support and webinar producers.

Generate leads

Give your audience something they can’t get anywhere else: share your knowledge, demonstrate thought leadership and wow your audience. Our platform helps you manage every stage of the marketing and sign-up process to maximise data capture and event attendance.

Convert customers

People who take part in a webinar are high-value prospects interested in learning more about your business. With advanced reporting features, you can track your attendees’ activity, viewing duration and engagement, and build on this over time to convert your audience into paying customers and brand advocates.

Grow your brand

Webinars can help improve brand awareness, increase engagement and improve advocacy. Our SEO and branding integrations also mean your business continues to benefit long after a webinar has finished, with a long-term stream of traffic and enquiries. 

The streamGo difference

No software or downloads

Downloading software to join a webinar is annoying. It can make people late, or even give up entirely. With streamGo, no one needs to download anything. Anyone who’s signed up can take part, on any device, anywhere in the world. No fuss, no downloads. We also avoid using Flash Player and plugins, keeping webinars as user-friendly as possible for your audience.

Perfectly formatted content

With some providers, uploading animations, embedded videos and custom content inside a slide deck is a nightmare. Original formatting and content that you spent hours designing in PowerPoint can disappear or change too easily when uploaded into other platforms. With streamGo, you don’t have to worry about reformatting your slides. our robust platform presents your content exactly as you want, just as it appears in PowerPoint.

Fully branded platform

Our webinars sit on fully branded pages, or are embedded on your website (webinar.yourdomain.com). With our Branding+ service, we can design your webinars to look identical to your website, so your customers see your brand, not ours.

Resilient platform

Every part of our platform, and everything you upload, has backups. If anything were to go wrong, our backups kick in to avoid any interruption. We also provide a completely managed service from start to finish for your peace of mind so your team can rest easy knowing that your event will be delivered, with no stress or sleepless nights. 

Live stream, simu-live or pre-recorded

A live webinar can be stressful for even the most seasoned of presenters. With streamGo, you have the option of to pre-record your content days or weeks in advance, and edit out any mistakes or amend any content of a sensitive nature. The online event is then broadcast live to your audience, while you run a live Q&A, as if you were presenting in the moment. With streamGo you can guarantee your webinars run perfectly, with no mistakes or hiccups.

More than just video

The streamGo platform allows you to create immersive, interactive events like no other. Video and Powerpoint slides meet textual content about your event, presenter information and extended biographies and PDFs, white papers and external links so attendees can take away further material from the event.

Stress-free webinars with streamGo

Webinars require extensive planning, with hundreds of details to manage. Let us do the hard work. Our team takes care of every technical detail to deliver a flawless event, leaving you free to focus on producing content your audience will love.

Fully Manged Service

Our team will manage every aspect of your webinar’s technical setup. Just send us the details of your event, and our expert event producers will configure and set up your registration page and reminder emails, manage every technical aspect of your live event, and create an on-demand version for your customers to access at a later date.

Dedicated Tech Team

Once the webinar is ready, our team can prepare your presenters for filming or presenting during your event. On event day, we’ll manage every aspect of your event, ensuring that attendees can log in, that presentations and live streams run smoothly, and that there are no technical hiccups. So you can relax in the knowledge that your event will be delivered without a hitch. 

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