What is a webinar?

There’s a lot of confusion around online video and events – so much that there’s a lot of terms used, all meaning the same thing.

We thought we’d help explain things for you!

 Webinars are online presentations usually containing slides, pre-recorded video
or demonstration content presented by one or more presenters.

Viewers (or attendees) watch using their computer or more frequently their mobile device.

Presenters use their computers and telephones or built in microphones to present.

Some of the terms used

 online conference
 online event
 live stream
 web conference
 adobe connect

Presenters can all be in the same room or located on different sides of the globe!

Audio is from a presenters; telephone or computer microphone.

Content is usually slide or presentation based.

Viewers are located throughout the world and only need basic internet access and a device to watch.

Viewers listen through their computer or mobile devices speakers or headphones

Viewers can participate in live Q&A or polling.

Know the metrics

A successful webinar is more than just live video on a page, it’s run on a platform that tracks every metric. How many registrations have you had? How many of those went on to attend? How long did each attendee view for? What links and documents did they click on and download?

Only with all this detailed information can you truly realise the full marketing potential of your webinar. Live video suddenly becomes valuable with StreamGo.