Why Run Webinars?

Webinars have become the number one method of
cost-effective lead generation for content marketers

Global Reach

Take your content to a worldwide audience with presenters located anywhere.

Better quality leads

People are more willing to complete detailed registration forms to listen to thought leadership webinars. Better data – better leads!

Strong intent

People who sign up to attend your event already have a level of respect for your organisation. You can leverage this over time to convert them into customers.

Brand awareness

Webinars touch audiences in every part of the world without geographic restrictions.

Metrics and Reports

Track your attendees activity, viewing duration and engagement.

Live Q&A

Let your online audience interact with live questions and real-time polling.

Marketing Managers use webinars for lead generation


Marketers run webinars to educate existing and potential customers


Buying journey is realised through consuming content


Registrants attending live event


Registrants watch on-demand


Attendees find Live Q&A useful


Webinars allow marketers and communicators to engage audiences. From lead generation to knowledge transfer and continuing professional development (CPD); webinars can empower your business to reach its audience and goals.

Webinars allow you to interact with your audience – run live Q&A sessions and engaging live polling with presenters located worldwide to a global audience.

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